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Big League Model

Vincefer copy

Still one of the favorites in the Bench Body backlot (or basement), Vince Ferraren can’t be missed in the latest campaign for the hot, hot show next month.  The 12 feet tall (or thereabouts) cutie is best remembered as the fresh-faced model who made our loins quiver in his recent underwear ads.

Leading Man


The moment Markki Strøm stepped out in mulberry briefs at the Bench Body show five years ago, I knew he was a perfect fit as an endorser for the local brand. Unlike the other endorsers with dubious backgrounds (e.g. Joseph Marco), the 27-year-old Fil-Norwegian had class, education and of course, the classic good looks.  Markki’s star is definitely getting brighter from now on.



About a Boy

Martindel copy

And so it has come to this: Martin del Rosario confirming what we were speculating all along. He’s huge and  now we know it!  He’s officially our hottest young actor at the moment. Thanks to Bench Body, we’ll get to see him more in September when he walks the runway with his distended member bobbing up and down inside his tiny pair of briefs. I can’t wait.


AVO copy

In our collective fantasies, Arnold van Opstal is an escort. He’s a handsome, friendly and discreet rent boy at 6’9″ with 240 pounds of hard muscle.  Generally he’s a top, but he can do things outside vanilla for an extra fee on top of his huge advertised rate.  This coming September, we’ll get to see more of him as he parades in his underwear at the Mall of Asia Arena for Bench Body’s biannual show.



Teaser: Is AVO really huge?

Neil Perez copy

Police Perez! Neil Perez

Misc. Boys in Shorts


Joseph Marco keeps his greatest asset – his body – fit and fab by going to the boxing gym. Shirtless.


Newly-wed Jericho Rosales is having all the sexy time he wants.


Leading man in distress Piolo Pascual contemplates his career by the river.


MMA fighter Mark Striegl shows off his fine form in Guitar undies.


And don’t you think Matteo Guidicelli‘s getting sexier by the minute?

Bum Around

L1080984 copy

Today is the day when an inner voice tells you to just call in sick and stay in bed. You know the day. Fridays mean struggling out of bed, making your way to the shower and hurrying off to work. Don’t you just wish you were in bed all day, lazing around, with no worries?


 Whoa! StefIan?



Another cute-hunks-of-yore pic, perfect for throwback Thursday. John Harren Cuevas was recently spotted – still in fine form – auditioning for the Bench Body fleshfest in September. Harren was the last (and the cutest) Viva Hotmen member, that late lamented strip-lipsync-and-grind group of  sexy boys. He has also appeared in straight-to-video movies Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance.


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