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Battle of the Bulge

Cute Sexy Cub


We always knew, right? That 29-year-old actor  Geoff Eigenmann is a biggie man!  He lost a lot of weight and he’s going around town proudly showing off his new body. Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a relatively leaner and tighter bod. But big bulge, still.


Stout is the New Sexy


We still love Jake Cuenca to bits. He’s putting it all out for the carbs eaters out there. That it’s perfectly fine to gobble loads of rice and giant burgers and  chunks of steaks, with some lard and Cheetos on the side. Our ultimate Bench Body endorser did his a swan song last weekend, and he went out on top!


In case you  are interested in Jakey’s package. Here’s a tiny glimpse.



Reality show contestant Chevin Klein Cecilio with VPL!

New Normal


This is the new norm. It’s a sexy trend these days. Ex-Bench underwear model Rafael Rosell  shows us how it’s done. The bald eagle. Clean. Nada. Smooth and fresh. Shave your pubes!



I nearly forgot about this one. Any Bench show is not complete without Enchong Dee. I wonder why, too, so do not ask me.  There are two groups here about the guy. Some adore him: he’s so cute, mild-mannered, a good bottom, hot bod. Others hate him to bits: he’s too gay, twinky soft, trying hard to be a leading man. Which side are you?


Police officer Mariano Flormata, Jr. was off duty last night. He was busy stripteasing.

A Star is Born

photo 2

Judging from the crowd reaction last night at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash, hottest teen property James Reid is The One! Jailbait, yeah, but he is cute and sexy and there’s so much promise to hunkingdom come! Maybe next year he’ll be bigger. Maybe he’ll wear underwear on stage. Or a leather bikini  that exposes the butt. We’ll gladly wait.

photo 1

Geoff Eigenmann is back!

Fat Like You


This is Dominic Roque‘s brother now. A month ago, during the go-see for the Bench show, Anthony Roque was a butterball, seemingly inappropriate and unfit for an underwear show. You saw the old pic, right? Anthony then standing beside lean and mean models, his cute little baby fat protruding from the red boxer briefs.


Look at him now!


In less than a month, he made it happen. He looks thinner and fitter and hunkier and, uh, pointier. Maybe it was the hours at the gym. Or the cocktail of Clen and Stan to highlight the muscles well and dry. Whatever he did, Anthony is back to his old hot form!

Folded but Hung


Arnold van Opstal may not have elicited that much shrieks and shouts from the crowd at the Bench show, but he surely made some mark in his undies. AVO in a pair of briefs further fuelled wild and prurient fantasies that night. Of course, it helps that rumors abound on his legendary large member. Apparently, he’s hung.

TomDen Returns pt. 2

TomDen1Lots more of TomDen photos from the Bench show last weekend.


Undoubtedly, Dennis Trillo is smokin’ hot in that pair of underwear!


He had to take off the jacket to show off his fine physique.


Then they meet.


Presumably to kiss.


Note Tom’s clenched butt.


So there. I hope you’re happy. And giddy. And in love

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