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No one cared when he went onstage. His name is Enzo Pineda FYI.

Tom is fully adjusting as an underwear model

Martin ♥


Young actor Martin del Rosario, true to form, didn’t fail to disappoint. He was up and about on the runway in skimpy undercrackers. Of course, he proved to everyone that there is so much to shuck and sling in the Huge Penis Department.


Please help me ID this guy. He’s cute and sexy. Plus he’s got a fat one!




This is the best photo yet of Dominic Roque from the weekend show of Bench Body.  Side view, with a hint of some glans, bulb and scrotum. Oh how cute this little boy is. He’s now doing sexy and it kinda works somehow. Will he go all the way daring for the underwear company in the months, years to come?



Did they just break up?

TomDen Returns pt.1





The Bench Body night was owned by the reel life love team of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo. They made the girls and girls swoon, as one by one they came out to tickle the crowd’s collective fancy. Tom went in first. He dangerously lowered his pants to reveal some Brazilian done.


Plus the obligatory buttocks tease.


Then walked Dennis Trillo, who finally donned a pair of briefs in public after a long period of underwear endorsements.

Dennis1 Dennis2 Dennis4 Dennis3

And the crowd went really wild.

Man Meat

Markki1 Markki2 Markki4 Markki1

Markki Strøm was, of course, a revelation last night. The formerly wholesome singer and actor has now been reduced to a shameless hunk of man meat.  With an immaculate body – super arms that are built to the right proportion, a midsection that ripples in every direction, and strong legs that are well defined, how could our little Markki go wrong?


Hottie chinitos Harren Cuevas (left) and Allen Ong Molina were also there!

Higher, Higher

Jake1 Jake2 Jake3 Jake4 Jake5

Let’s start with Jakey. A Bench Body flash and flesh spectacle is never complete without Jakey’s presence. Or Jakey’s butt, for that matter. Earlier, he took the concept of an underwear show to greater heights.

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