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John Spainhour can wear a sack (or a tacky costume)  and he still sizzles.

Cute Member

bernardAn 18-year-old Sumera (left) before transforming into a hunky Fernando (right) 3 years later.

The newest member of the bump-and-grind group of sexy men, Masculados Dos is a cutie! His name is Fernando Zomera (Bernard Joseph Sumera in the real world, and no, his nickname is not BJ!).  The 6′-tall native of Paombong, Bulacan formerly did the rounds of the male personality contests (Manhunt 2012, Mr. International Phils 2014, etc.) before finally calling it quits to join the Masculados Dos.



Model to watch out for: 21 yo Patrick Magtanong.

Boy in the spider ‘kini

stefan5 copy

Bikini open regular Stephen Dorschner  always gave me the full quiver. You know, cute and sexy and all those stuff bikini open contestants are made of. Plus he’s half-German! He took the racy path to bikinidom.  What prompted him to do such is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy way  to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod.

Seb-eral more

DSCF1008 DSCF1012 DSCF1013 DSCF1014

More Seb in action. Because today is lazy Thursday.  Perfect time to stay in bed. And maybe snuggle-cuddle with a cute guy like him, nekkid and all. Who doesn’t love this cutie?


Bulge-baring male model Victor Basa.

Allen copy


Heck yeah! Allen Molina‘s hot buns!

The size of it all


Remember that reed-thin model at the Bench Naked Truth show a few months back? Name’s Louis Mayhew, a 24-year-old American model who was flown in just for the underwear extravaganza.  It turns out, the mixed race (Native American, African-American, Scottish and French) model could be a little more daring.

Louis Mayhew copy

Like this.

Louis Mayhew Nudes-9-July-2014 (1)

Or this one. Too bad, he didn’t flash that lightsaber during the show.


Barely legal bikini boy, Dave Franco!

aLBIEAlbie hottie!

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