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JohnAleenWalzer Celioaquino

I want my sexy car wash boys, too! Boyband members John Aleen Walzer (USA shorts) and Celio Aquino.

djTeen king Daniel Padilla endorses his hotdog.

Where to, Aljur?

Aljur516Although Aljur Abrenica‘s no longer in the A-list after his near-miss at the top in GMA, he’s showing us he still has the goods to be a leading man. Good looks and ripped bod and a bit of acting chops. He’s languishing in TV hell these days, as he now accepts bookings for celebrity basketball games, ribbon cutting for salons, and personal appearances (shirtless!) in small bar shows.

Free Transform

dm21How old is Derrick Monasterio? Eighteen or 19? He was cute as a button when he was just starting out as a tween actor in GMA. Now, he’s sexy as fuck. He’s completely different now, “emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and mothers alike.”


And lies in wait.

Guy Smiley

macasaetBecause he is always half naked, oftentimes wearing a bikini. Because he likes to be shot with a bulge and a smile. Because he is cute and sexy. Our Monday boy is June Macasaet. Of course, by now, you are very familiar with him. And I hope you won’t get tired staring at him. One of these days, maybe he’ll drop his speedos for us.


Iranian/Persian models flaunt their abs! From left: Soroush Jamhiri, Enrique Nor and Sam Ajdani.

VinceVince Ferraren stays strong!

Spainhour. Actor

img255Oh, he’s an actor now? Did you see him on tv last night? Doing drama. Showing off his thespian skills like a pro. Maybe John Spainhour‘s doing the big leap from a card-carrying member of the Underwear Endorsers Club to legit tv and movie actor (with shirt on). Let’s see.

delRemember handsome model Rodel Felicidario?

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