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darylle francis salvador

Darylle Francis Salvador is cute.

dennis pangilinan jrNoontime show contestant Dennis Pangilinan, Jr. reminds me of Paulo Avelino when he was just a newbie.

Love Local


Sorry, the Ad Standards Council called and they had to hide AVO‘s nips. Exposing areolae in public is “against traditional family values.” But seriously, aren’t you as nonplussed as I am now with the latest Bench Body hashtag in its ads? Because you see, AVO is as Dutch as a giant windmill. Unless they’re referring to the underwear line, of course, silly me.

AlexanderTapWell, not all fly-in models in Manila are from Brazil. Here’s one from the Republic of Belarus – Alexander Taptsov. He’s 23 years old and has gone around Asia for his modeling stints. He could be another ideal Bench Body model, as he fits the tiny undergarments to a T.

Nilo Lima If you could just stop looking at the bod first and focus on his other qualifications. Brazilian model in our midst, Nilo Lima lists himself as a personal trainer, writer and rapper. Now, that is something to crow about, above all that near-perfect physique, handsome mug and huge thing down there that looks like a penis.


Maybe, just maybe, the reason why Bench Body prefers foreign models more than the local ones is that fly in models are not too queasy-conscious showing off their assets in the littlest and thinnest of underthings. You know how their briefs are made of, sort of diaphanous and see-through. Like what 19-year-old German model Frederik Ruegger is wearing, I can almost see his bratwurst! Love local, indeed!

lloydOlder bikini brother: Mark Lloyd Martinez

Brix Ramirez

Younger bikini brother: Brix Ramirez

Summer is here!


Enrique Gil says hi.

Only the best… with just a right amount of dirty!

BusbyI know, Monday is such a drag. It always comes around so quickly. All I want to do is stay in bed and – how do you say it? – vegetate. And then again there’s that thing called making a living. Off to the salt mines! Our refreshing Monday guy is Christian Busby, the reality show model guy. He looks pure and sweet and cute, isn’t he?

albieHis social media handle is thestallion09, and I’m definitely hooked and intrigued. Is Albie Casino proudly proclaiming his assets to the whole world? I’m thinking hung like an Arabian steed and the 09 would have to be inches. And then again, it may be just my wild imagination about this cute and sexy boy.

GeorgeFor some strange reason I can never get enough of Brazilian model George Irineu. Well, I see him most of the time and he’s gorg! Remember his butt turn in the Bench show last year? That plus a whole lot of this hunky guy got me craving for picanhas at the neaby churrascaría.


blakewoodward copy

Model Jeremy Blake Woodward and his low hangers.

LeiContestant no. 3 Lei Pesacadera of Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open. Watch on February 28, 2015, 7PM at Area 05 Tomas Morato (former Ratsky). For ticket inquiry pls call 09053595091.

Backstage and the scent of real men

SpeedoHail, hail the boys are here!  Backstage at recent underwear and sports fashion shows. Pheromones and macho sweaty body odor alert! Imagine the frenzy, the raw sexiness of it all: half-naked men walking, running around, each with  a unique look but all have, well, nice bodies. Crazy bodies, actually.

boys4Who’s your bet among the men? The usual culprits Ajdani, Macasaet, Irineu, McMahon, or even Topacio. What’s it like backstage with these men? Do they really have shrinking penises in the cold room? Or are they even nervous at all, thinking they’ll be sauntering, traipsing on stage in their underwear? One thing I am certain though: I want to be backstage in an underwear show.

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