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Mark OnirSummer lounging: model Mark Onir


Yummy Wil Dasovich of TV5


“Macho dancer,” too.

The man of our summer dreams

HideoOnce every summer, nipo brasileiro model Hideo Muraoka strips down to his undergarments and shows off his fine bod. Well, we’re used to it, of course, dating back to his Folded and Hung days when his billboards were real traffic hazards (and gave new meaning to “speed bumps”). And now, he’s back, hotter than ever! We hope to see more, natch!


Singer Gerald Santos wants to go up from the D-list.


Jheem Kazumi and his peek-a-bush bikini!

The boys go to the beach

IMG_8540 IMG_8541  IMG_8543IMG_8542

Actually, it’s just Dom and Martin, best of friends way back when they were still in the same station. The two guys, who made skintillating appearances in the Bench Body show a few moons ago, are having the time of their young lives on a Siargao beach. We’re also too happy to see them prancing shirtless, of course.

IMG_8625Rocco Nacino’s bump


Aeron1You’ll have to bear with me with the technical glitches in the past. There’s no hacking, for sure. No revenge-driven gay guy out to put this site down. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is busy with his businesses and newly-revived tv career. Plus his house in Cecilleville is awfully quiet these days, abandoned by the Super Secret Group after that Ken brouhaha that the group members desperately want to forget.  Speaking of Ken, well he’s trying to be manful these days as he’s in showbiz now full time. He was advised to lie low from the gay scene – no Distillery or even attending Fifi’s Forbeswood Heights parties. Ken’s ex- Albert, though still bitter from last year’s awful breakup, is keeping his mind on his various businesses (and constant IG boasting). That Pogay guy is dirt poor somewhere in Batangas. So you see, no threats as of now. None yet. Just some uncool server messing up your daily dose of half naked guys.


Aljur mulls his future still uncertain.

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