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The Engineer

franco1Remember Franco Clark who was featured here recently? He’s the “geophysical engineer” from the UK who wants to be a model here. While I may not understand much about that decision on his career shift, I’m just glad he meant underwear modeling.


Actor Arjo Atayde by the beach. Hot!


Sexy sweaty Ejay Falcon


Hot chicken and hotter pits: Joseph Marco


Contestant no. 10 wows ’em in a mankini!

The personal trainer

adam lloyd2 adam lloyd1In case you’re wondering about that hunky handsome guy in black (see sidebar about the queen bee and the boys), his name is Adam Llloyd. He has a potent mix of Filipino, Spanish and Australian genes in him, and that explains the unique look. Born and bred (don’t you just love that word, bred?) in Oz, he came to the Philippines to study high school in Baguio. He has since stayed in the country, as a personal trainer, model and part-time actor.

IMG_2906The boys go to the races (Malaysia Grand Prix)! Recognize everyone? Fat dude looks like that Aman Futures scam guy.

And you’re gonna hear me roar!


I’m not so sure but I’m thinking he is being groomed to be one of the next big leading men in his studio, this early. He has not been vacant with work. And the sexy, shirtless photos he’s doing recently rather signal his transition from the teenybopper image to a more serious figure.  Dominic Roque is all-too fleshly and fervid, sort of tempting with his youthful frame and wide-eyed stare. Oh, what kids can do these days!

BaronHow about Baron Geisler? …. No? Why not?

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