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Body of evidence

IMG_3662I’m still on vacation and I’m just putting on the random pictures here for your daily dose of hunky guys. I’ve always believed that having a smashing bod really works wonders on one’s overall appearance. Albert Gonzales may not be drop-dead handsome but he is working on the sexy charm with that physique. Don’t you think so?

HobartHobart Cervantes works the crowd

VinLeeKorean model Vin Lee in bed!

kiem lumampao2Naughty bikini boy Kiem Lumampao.

Skinner alive!

Nando Skinner nando skinner1Since #mangina is trending these days, why not this one, who’s here in Manila for runway and commercial work? The newest Brazilian sensation in the local modeling circuit is a teenage dream with the name Nando Skinner. Only 19 years old, Nando has gone around the world for modeling jobs after he was accidentally discovered in a mall in Brazil. That was a bold move, actually.

Bulging, Bulgy

Joseph Doruelo1Remember Mister Global Philippines 2015 and his uh, appendage? Joseph Doruelo is trying to make a name for himself as a model in Bangkok, after his near-miss at the international finals there. I’m excited and looking forward to his photo shoots for the sexy male glossies there!


Best in Body: Ram Ace

MD72Your daily dose of hardness.


Gerald Anderson is wet!

Top model intense

Arcel Derek Zoolanderish Arcel Yambing is quietly making a name as a top model in the country. He’s been seen in the fashion runways lately for top designers and commercial brands. Thanks to his chinito-swarthy good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season.

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