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CanterburyPeek-a-boo! John Canterbury.

IMG_8894Riding in bikes with boys. Shirtless. Dennis Trillo is hot, hot, hot!


Bikini open contestant in butt floss.

Michael1“Macho Dancer” (MD) series: Let’s call him Michael

Markki marked

MarkkiIt has been a while since we posted some racy pictures of singer-actor-exhibitionist hunk Markki Strøm. Of course, he still has the smashing body, the one he showed off at last year’s fleshpectacular Bench The Naked Truth show. And although he’s a bit conservative in dainty greens and flowers in his boxer briefs this time, Markki’s still smokin’, pecs and abs and all that hotness!

Note: I’m off on a European trip. Don’t worry I won’t post pictures of my frumpy selfies and bore you with the postcard-pretty images of Old World scenery. It’s just that I might not be able to moderate your comments for a while. Keep ’em coming though. And be classy with the catfight!


The go-see. Hopefuls No. 6 Jolo Dayrit, No. 7 JL Dizon and No. 8 Rein Gutierrez try their darndest luck.

bikini12Headline: Balding geezers lustfully take photos of young bikini boy.

Dennis on top

DENnisDoes Dennis Trillo take great pleasure in shedding his clothes off and teasing, flashing in public? Because he’s always naked in pictures in social media or maybe shirtless when he’s sober, Dennis might easily be mistaken for an exhibitionist. You know, that compulsive behavior to expose the private parts – except, that he has not put on view his penis yet. I’m not complaining, though.

“We are all in the gutter…

Hideo1 copybut some of us are looking at the stars,” Oscar Wilde once said. But Hideo Muraoka is rewriting that one for us. We’re all looking at the family jewels. Well, almost. Hideo summers in Brazil, where the boys always wear speedos at the beach!

IMG_8726Enrique Gil can jump!

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