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Great assets

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What gay male doesn’t enjoy a guy’s hot sexy ass? (more…)

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BrothersReal-world bikini brothers: Lloyd Martinez (left) and Brix Ramirez


Heck yeah! Cris Lomotan’s plump buttocks!

jeron jeron2 copy

Spotted: Jeron Teng night swimming in his boxer briefs in Lucban, Quezon!


The boys finally figured out what those bikini front-rings are for.

Jeans Open

Everything started with Edward Mendez when he came out with his own version of the groin-showing denim shot. Everyone thought it’s perfectly fine to do just that, coming from a legit model, actor and fitness instructor. It helped that it was shot for a calendar by a well-known photog.

Neil copyMr. International 2014 Neil Perez wanted to do it but was coy about the whole idea of showing pubes and all. He had to hold back.  Meanwhile the bikini boys followed suit – bolder, of course.


Hobart Cervantes is all dark bush, like seventies bush.


While Aeron Cruz is, well, happy with The Chaplin for his undergrowth.

IMG_4136The latest guy with the sexy open denim shot is June Macasaet. Of course, he can do anything in the Baring and Daring Department, but this is the first time he’s off showing his pubic area that low. Which happens to be bare: the underbrush has been cleared!


Rain or shine, pro basketball player (and ex-FEU Tamaraw)  Jeff Chan is cute!


Pits and bulge, Stefan Dorschner in sexy spider bikini!

Summer hunks showcase

AVO copyFrom angular jaws we move to weak-chinned men, like Arnold van Opstal here. Don’t you just love big and tall and furry men on Tuesdays? One of our favorites in this site, very tall varsity guy and occasional underwear model AVO is back with his tiny lump. One can’t have it all! But then again, hunky long legs AVO is still one hot papi, if you ask me.

MacMahon2Mr. Big is back, too!  From headlining Bench Body a few years ago, he’s now an underwear catalog model! There’s no stopping Mark McMahon as he takes on almost all modelling projects in town. Of course, the shirtless, bulging underwear shoots are most appreciated.

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