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CarlosDILF: actor and director Craig Woodruff, Jr. a.k.a. Carlos Morales!

Monday man

spainhour2Heck, this site could very well be now the John Spainhour Adoration Society, so we can use another photo for this day. It doesn’t feel like a Monday to me, though. The thing is, I have always gotten through the Monday blues with a lot of nice things on my mind. Like our favorite model guy John in, of course, underwear with belt and nice cap. Happy Monday, everyone!


Meet bikini open vet Mark Revilla.



This is our youth.

vicTeam Victor Basa!


Backstage. Under the stairs.

albert2 albert3 albert1Albert Gonzales‘s pouch makes an appearance again.

This is our youth


A new model boy in town is always a breath of fresh air. In this case, we take a whiff of the sweet smelling air around Fil-Swede model Patrik Franksson. Patrik first played for the Laos Football Club (based in Manila) in the United Football League Division 2.

AlbieAlbie Casino or Mr. Stallion, as he would like to call himself these days in apparent reference to his much-vaunted but unconfirmed giant member, teases and pleases once again with this wet pit shot. It is more than enough, for now.

ael nayveI’ll say the magic words: varsity basketball player. Ael Nayve makes an appearance in this site because – (1) he’s shirtless; (2) cute; and (3) plays college hoops for the DLS-CSB Blazers. If there’s any consolation in this post, he’s definitely rockin’ with his bod and that promise of a bulge down there.


New boy on the bikini block: Jeff Isip.


Still a hottie after all these years: Marc Nelson.

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