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Back and front

hans210 hans211If you can just put your imagination to salacious mode, then new-in-town Brazilian model  Hans Weiser might just be it for visual pleasure . When I look at this guy, I can smell S-E-X, if you ask me. I see sweat, lots of hair down there. I get a whiff of a strong musky, masculine scent. Blemishes and all, Hans is oozing with real man imperfection and irregularity.

nash1 copyHere in this this site, we do not discriminate. From high-end (-class?) models to bikini open contestants, all is fair in the great underwear carny.  So today, we feature a relative newcomer in the flesh-and-tease contests of late. His name is Nash Ko and I do not even know if that’s his actual name during the day time. What I know though, is that this Nash guy has a lot of promise.

Jay-RHis name is Jay-r.

In fighting form

StrieglIt’s always double the sexy when it comes to men who are achievers. You know, like athletes who are powerful and win medals and and all the glory of the sports they’re in. Mark Striegl is in that league of admirable men – good looks, near-perfect hard bod and of course, amazing athletic skills. In case you didn’t know, Mark is a champion mixed martial artist.


From the mail: Markki is happy in London

DSCF7484Missing summer with Stephen Dorschner.

MD437The colors of pride and naked boys!

Hello Boys!

daniel09Hello boys! Model Daniel Velasco is back without his pants on and he says hi. The post in this site with just his underwear on elicited a lot of comments, mostly on the admiration part, of course.  For some people, his persona may be blah and boring, but the reason – I honestly think so – he is being adored of late is because the Catholic schoolboy is finally out of his thick fuddy-duddy shell. Or out of his shorts. He’s such a sweetheart.

kirsteyKirstey Viray wears the colors of pride.


Backstage, Henry airs out his troubles.

Brown Pride

JulesOur hunks for today were conscientiously selected from the files as I have a craving for chocolate today.  Dark man meat!  Jules Aquino is one of the natural choices for the day’s serving of sexy brown men. A standout with his distinct Filipino looks, the 22-year-old model is surely an eye candy. Or chocolate.

Marx1 copyVeteran model Marx Topacio is no stranger to regular features on this site about moreno guys. At his age (and I mean modeling years where youth is primo) Marx still, er, packs a wallop in his undergarments. Now, be grateful that he’s still going nearly nekkid these days.

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