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Anonymous dickie in the bathroom again.

A marked man

IMG_0588Sometimes there is beauty in candid moments. Things in disarray. Bumps and lumps manifesting. Mark Bautista was in Panglao for R & R (and some work) last weekend and he has photos to prove it. Don’t you just love it when celebrities reveal their human side – especially when it’s so good?


Before and after Jiro Shirakawa got bigger. Still fine for me.

tjTeejay Marquez dry humping friend.

RezFilDelish Rez Fil.


Dear boys, please die of envy. Now.

random11 random22

Cute random guy.

Imagining Enrique

gil copyIf you’re trying to figure out how hot Enrique Gil is running nekkid like a lottery winner on acid, maybe these photos will do the trick. More or less. Will Enrique finally go all out in a photo shoot soon, establishing himself as Young Actor Most-Lusted After ?

Exposed to warmth and light

Lately, the weather’s been acting up. At times, the rains fall like someone went batty up above. Sometimes the sun inflicts too much heat. I prefer the rainy-windy weather – cold and bleak, at times passionless. But if it’s top male model Adryan Hanson under the roasting sun, lounging under the flare [or at least, enduring the heat], I think I wouldn’t mind the, uh, hotness, at all.

jm lasala

JM Lasala stripping.

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