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MD564More help back stage.

enrique bulge

Douchebag-of-the-moment Enrique Gil and bulge.

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Can you take ten?



Eric Soriano once populated this blog with his sexy lean frame (see here and here and here). As male models age and gain a bit of poundage, I’d like to believe he’s aging like fine wine. It doesn’t matter if he’s chunkier in some ways because that’s a good part of why he’s featured here as well.


Kobe Paras is cute!

Young male pits

Did you know that there’s a term for armpit fetishism? It’s called maschalagnia, and it involves “kissing, tasting, tickling and smelling their partner’s armpits during sexual foreplay.”   I  had to Google that up because I wanted to do a post on today’s most popular boys in showbiz showing off their pits. Some are shaved, some are thick. Which pit do you like?

jamesHandsome boy James Reid trims his pits.


Douchebag-of-the-hour Enrique Gil doesn’t grow hair there.


Hugely popular Alden Richard is a delight with the underarm tuft.


And Daniel Padilla is also sparse in that region.

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No Pants Day Saturday.


Backstage with the bikini boys. No. 10 is cute.

Man Friday

NikkoToday’s post would have to be inspirational, mainly for fat people who are bitter and lonely and vitriolic. There is still a big fat chance of transformation – diet, exercise and all. Our fine specimen for today is Nikko Huelgas  who is in perfect shape because he lives a healthy lifestyle. Plus he’s into triathlons, so hats – and shirts and undergarments -off to this fine guy!


Evan Vergonia‘s moose knuckles (male cameltoe)!

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