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GinoEjAren’t they cute? Since I’ve piqued your interest  (or curiosity) about that movie director Gino Santos (right), I might as well do another shirtless post to emphasize his, uh, cuteness. He’s with his friend EJ Serrano, a medical student. Judging on this site’s visitors’ expertise on sweet and lovely boys, I’m pretty sure you know their respective 411s already.

MD085 copy MD86 copy

See through: John Canterbury

LookalikeLooks like some guy we love to hate.


Smörgåsbord (l-r): Kris Laws, ex-varsity ballers Gil Wagas and Gabby Reyes, and Christian Busby!




Tutorial: Stiff dick and the band elastic!


Brent copy

Our favorite model boy-man Brent Javier is back from toiling abroad, selling condominium units to Filipino expats. A bit richer and wiser in the ways of the world, plus a bit of poundage. I don’t mind the extra mass, of course. It makes him cute and cuddly, if you ask me.


Cutie Luke Conde should be big on tv!

Your boy has a jawline for days


And yeah, Mikael Daez is one of the few underwear endorsers who can really hack it. Beautous maximus, with well-defined bulges here and there. Tall, dark and with a handsome mug, the 27-year-old hunk is currently focused on his underwear endorsement,  funny bits on prime time Friday tv and afternoon soaps. Obviously we’re more interested in his undergarments projects.


Allen Molina in Louboutin-inspired ‘kinis!

The next big thing


Hell yeah! It’s young hunky actor Derrick Monasterio, shirtless and candid. The next big thing – fresh, good looking and fit as a fiddle – Derrick is the brightest hope of GMA-7 for leading manhood. Next year, he’s finally doing Bench Body underwear. That is something to look forward to!

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