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MD552 copy

Modeling breezy, airy underwear.

janJanvier Daily gets it!


Hans Weiser‘s backside!

Friday VPL

DomWhat time is it? Time for some handsome, VPLed Canadian model! Dominic Samoisette shows us sexy and how! Here, Dominic emphasizes his point and flaunts his wares – six-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL, proof that he’s cut for this kind of job. Underwear modeling, that is.


Diamond in the rough: bikini open boy Paulo Lozano

Raven Legaspi

Indie actor Raven Legaspi


Squad goals: Sam, Philippe, Mark, Leandro and Brent!


Michael and friend back stage, at the Christmas party.

Brent versus the upstart

brent7It is sometimes unfair to make a choice, say, between Brent Javier and Mark McMahon, cutie-hotties both, no doubt. They’re both lording over the Underwear Endorsers Club, so I guess it is difficult not to compare.

markm6Brent’s been in the biz for quite some time but he still has the goods to show young upstarts like Mark how it is done. I guess it is always a good thing – these eye candy, bring-home-to-momma boys in underwear. These hot and sexy, cute and adorable chunks of man-meat delight!


Hobart Cervantes, wet look

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