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A peek into Gerald Anderson’s private time.


Jeff Luna flashes.


King Neil Perez‘s new clothes


Raunchy Christmas party prep.


ben10 ben11Speaking of beauty pageants, this one went under the radar. Ben David Hitchcock of the Philippines won the Mr. Pancontinental 2015 title a month ago. In the multitude of male models and wannabes in the local scene, this 30-year-old stands out for his unconventional beaut and of course, those muscles bulging in their proper places!

benHSo gaze and be amazed!


Janvier Daily dances


David KNothing is more apt than a sunny post for today, in the midst of the cool weather in most parts. Actually, I’m interested in the body bits and parts of David Karrel (a.k.a. David Sommerauer), who’s one of the better members of the bump-and-grind group Masculados.  It’s warm and sunny and David is keeping it nice and toasty!


Santa’s little helper.

Xmas Boy


One who can rock the Santa theme in starkers is, of course, our oft-posted boy, JM Martinez. Think of it as a lazy post for this busy day, so I leave you with this indie actor who’s no stranger to nude photo shoots. Merry Xmas!


Jay Gonzaga in bed with Neofytos Kyriacou a.k.a. Phytos Ramirez

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