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The Baller

IMG_1672I find this sexy. Jeron Teng‘s beauty may be polarizing: some like him, others abhor him to bits. And then again, I may not know a thing or two from his game or sport, but give me a boy with killer arms and The Smolder, and I’m sold!

Paulo Lozano

Yellow is the color of joy. Paulo Lozano

Mark VPL

MarkM09 copyHe’s a favorite because somehow Mark McMahon is always shirtless and oft times in his underwear , for photo shoots and ads. Heck, his social media accounts are peppered with his sexy schtick , too. We don’t complain. We compliment and give thanks, profusely. It is very hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his tighty whities, sexy and leggy you could almost smell a strong manly scent from between those legs.


Star of the show!


allenielI have to repeat: Cebu is a bonanza-city of fresh-looking male models. Remember Alleniel Quiblat who was in Manila for a while? He’s back for today’s posts, looking better than ever. He may be virtually unknown in Manila, but he sure is knocking them out of their fashion wits in the Queen City of the South.


Threesome coosome: The Andersons + Fred


The happy contestant, Michael Yang.


Foot fetish with Ejay Falcon!


Zuher‘s pit.


Starting ’em young.

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