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Free Transform

Bryann Foronda copyThere was a time actor-model Bryann Foronda was the quintessential boy-next-door archetype. Fresh and bursting with youthful testosterone. These days, he’s transitioning into the gym bunny next building. He’s bulking up into hunkydom come. Not that I don’t like him anymore, though. He’ll always be a favorite as long as he keeps on wearing those tiny little shorts!

ALBERT copyAlbert Gonzales up close

Body of evidence


Trust the ever-reliable Brazilian models to deliver the goods when they’re tasked to endorse underwear brands. The latest Bench Body model is Amadeo Leandro and he’s surely built up flesh and muscle, and toned himself into an even more desirable specimen in undies.

IMG_2044KenDoll Bender

md436 md437 md438The boys rock the open-hole jock-briefs!


Forever hairless pits!

Lawrence Castro

Lawrence Castro prepares for bikini open season

Honed to perfection

IMG_1331Today’s post is all that’s beautiful and pretty and delish in many ways. Although this is not the shot where the boy is in tiny undies, this is James Reid for crying out loud! He can wear just about anything, and he’d still be sexy as hell.  So take a gander at dreamy James and be thankful that he takes off the shirt once in a while.

MD811More of dancer boy with tats

Showing Off

MihoThere is a perfectly good reason why Migo Gonzaga is half-naked all the time in photos. He’s a swimmer and he’s hot as the weather. Unconventionally attractive, this photo – albeit a bit dark – nevertheless gives more than a hint as to what he has to offer.

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