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Justin de Leon can be  had for  is ready.

Au naturel

IMG_1338 copyThe reason I’m loving ubiquitous MDR these days is because he embraces both his physical attributes and talent, and has a good time whatever he’s doing. He takes on every role on tv (and the movies) that does not confine him to any stereotype. Well those reasons, and the fact that he’s prodigiously hirsute.


Eric Tai, mighty sexy!


Cock fight!


Gerald Anderson, still a hottie!

Strøm und Drang

MarkkiIt is hard to point to Markki Strøm‘s greatest asset. I guess it would have to be his voice and the way he sings. These days, Markki multitasks from singing to acting and modeling in neoprene underwear for Bench Body. While I prefer his modeling in undies bit, I’m also buying his music because heck, a handsome boy with a beautiful singing voice is balm for the weary soul!

Dennis Zamora

Bikini boy Dennis Zamora’s hairy buttocks. Yay or nay?

Argentinian in our midst


Roll out the asados and the Quilmes! There’s a hot, hot Argentinian guy in town and he’s doing the bikini briefs endorsement circuit.  Cristiano d’Angelo does not have qualms, actually. He’s more than willing to promote his local goods. Thrice.

bench models

Mirror, mirror … who’s the ugliest guy of them all? (L-R) John Spainhour, Sandro Rabello,  Ross Kiister, Sky Yang and Chad White.

Miko PasMiko Pasamonte, too.

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