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When Markki Stroem did this lovely little movie called Amor y Muerte (2013), he had a lot of skin-baring scenes. Just when we thought there couldn’t be any more naked hotness from Markki (as he’s practically in undies in this site all the time), along comes this very important (to us) scene from his movie.  Enjoy.


No Bikini Open, David Austria is in!


Our favorite Kennedy spends time with bf in the Maldives.


Hey Markki! Mark Manicad is hotter now!

Audacious Albert

albertYou all know Albert Gonzales of the infamous bikini-sock.  He’s exposed all the time, well, except for the episodes in his bikini open life when he’s covering his naughty bits.  Today he’s worth a second look as he displays his body of work.

MD01192Another lazy-ass post: tatted dancer

carlos moralesAnother DILF: Carlos Morales


Ronnie Palermo impresses the judges

Unless you get nude…

A101 A104 A105…. we probably won’t notice you, dude! When Anjo Damiles was a wee bit younger, he loved posting photos of himself in his social media account for vanity’s sake. Of course, there was the obligatory abs and dick shots. These days, he’s a rookie actor struggling to make a name for himself on tv.  We notice you now.

domDominic Roque shows off his summer bod!

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