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nash mendozaBikini open boy Nash Mendoza models underwear with built-in penis.

Seb has a video!

IMG_2935Sooner or later, there will be a definitive post about our favorite gay boy Sebastian Castro. Since the start of his showbiz career here in the Philippines, he has always been a constant source of eye candy and well, sometimes naked inspiration. Today is no exception as he stars in his video (directed by Adolfo Alix Jr.) called Feel the Bern. It’s Seb’s call “against the system in his usual, unapologetic and sexy ways.” Watch:  Feel the Bern here!

IdoVictor copyOne of my first posts (the other two being Iago Raterta and Gary Dulatas): Ido Victor. Finally nekkid! Iago’s somewhere in the US hiding from the USCIS while Gary’s a family man, still delish on DILF levels.

I Am Nine!

Today is extra special because in a year’s time, I’ll be 10! On March 2, 2007, I made my first posts, however raw and crude, with the objective of sharing photos of hot Filipino men. The site has since evolved, oft times caving in to your racy requests.  And since, you’re not actually reading this, we might as well go to the token Penis Shots of Famous Guy. I told you, this is a special day!



Who is Arkin del Rosario?

By the waters

JakeyJake Cuenca maybe past his underwear-model prime but he still packs a wallop posing by the sea, in his Guitar underwear. It would have been nice for him to just lose the pants and show off the white undies. And then again, haven’t we feasted enough on Jakey’s nooks, bits and crannies through the years as a Bench Body boy?


Ronnie Toribio’s healthy buttocks!

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