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Bubbly little Jheem!

Rainy season upon us

HideoSince we are seeing the end of summer with the heavy rains in the afternoons, it seems like we might just say buh-bye for now to hot and sexy guys in bikinis. But don’t despair just yet, as the wet and wild guys of the rainy season will soon appear like the proverbial mushrooms-during-the-rains. Also, don’t count out the speedo-wearing Brazilian models in town, led by King Hideo!


Juancho Trivino looks at a bright future.

bruno1 bruno2 bruno3 bruno4 bruno5 bruno6 bruno7(No) bikini contest.

The red bikini


Dave Franco is one of the favorite barely-legal objects of visual adoration in this site. We’ve always advocated diversity in our posts – from models and wannabes down to the boys of the bikini joints. Nineteen-year-old Dave teeters between these classes, most of the time in his tiny ‘kinis and thongs. He’s a nice chap and just plain hot!


Leg day at the gym with Neil Perez!

Petrol Boy

CJQuerolI just love how social media users get hysterical about newfound sexy boys on the streets. After all, it has been slim pickings this side of the globe, in terms of hunks and cuties. Recently, photos of a hot gasoline (petrol) boy made the rounds of lascivious FB and IG accounts, and CJ Querol is now famous. Well, relatively, considering how fickle popularity in showbiz is. If you want to know more about CJ, the world wide web is now replete with his sob story.

Trivia: Did you know that he’s the cousin of one-time sexy actor Enrico Contreras in the early 200s?

 Enrico1 Enrico2

See the resemblance?


A cub: Mark Revilla


alexander king 1This is the stylized version of male model’s nude shot. It’s erotic and sensual. It defies the boundaries between fine art and sleaze photography.  Frankly, I like it. Of course, the penis shot is one of the reasons for such liking. alexander king 4At the end of the day, when male model goes home somewhere in the inner city favelas of Manila, the stark and hard reality hits, uh, home. Raw and unrefined. It defines the model in the confines of his dwelling, pure visual pleasure just the same. Which photo do you prefer?


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all?

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