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Who likes Elmo?

Pits & Prick

dencioIt has been a while since we last saw Dennis Trillo at his sexiest (read: in underwear). Hopefully, that Bench Body stint wasn’t the last. These days, he’s contented teasing and pleasing with some sexy body parts. Like this pits shot. We may never see him don those nasty undergarments in the near future, but any show of skin is greatly appreciated.


These are not Dennis dick pics, though. Dennis is cut while this dude’s got the foreskin and stuff and I wish I can name him now. As for Dennis,  if you search far and wide in the world wide web, there’s a photo somewhere of Dennis and his little member. Remind me to post that some other time.

MD98Penis envy.


A good position


Jake Cuenca will probably retire as an underwear model when he’s in his 50s or 60s. The former exhibitionist de rigueur of Bench Body is still at it, posing and preening this time for Guitar underwear. He has to be bare-skinned always. It must be in his showbiz contract.


More of Hottie Neumann!


Antonio Kwong makes his mark!


Uncut: Jaycee Domincel

The Gang

IMG_1364Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Now, this would be my dream aquarium (reference: link)! I can’t seem to choose among the Persian, Brazilian or Scot. Or maybe I’ll consider the French dude, notwithstanding there’s the Canadian-Chinese cutie. Life’s unfair, really. Yeah, who are you lusting after?

MD812 MD813Back stage is where all the action is!

New Man


Mark Neumann licks his gay bar past. That’s how the headline should be. The up and coming young actor is now one of the go-to guys in TV5. He’s getting noticed, too, outside his home station.

M12One thing admirable about Mark is that he’s acknowledging issues head-on. Recently, there was a wank video that surfaced with his likeness on it. He admitted the hard evidence, saying it was “Human error. I was young, I did my mistakes and I learn from them.” How impressive is that?

mark1 mark2

mark3 mark4

I say it again to all the lazy ugly fucks out there: it’s all about dedication, perseverance and hard work. Of course, good looks played well for this German-Filipino-Croatian guy.  He has definitely risen above his Club 690 days. Good for him and he deserves all the success in the world.

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