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Our Harry

Harry copy

You also remember one-named bikini wonder Harry, right? The new boy’s making giant leaps and bounds in bikinitown! You saw his mug [and sexy bod with bulge] here first, in some post earlier this year. Bring on the jockstrap, next!


Masked boy familiar.

Filling Station

CJQUEROLRemember that boy supposedly  “discovered” at a petrol station? He’s back and CJ Querol‘s got more to offer than fuel, lubricants and special fluids. He’s got the awesome-st moose knuckles this side of town, and frankly, I’m a bit impressed. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of him in the (modeling) future.


Hermes Bautista, Mr. Men Universe Phils

md093 MD123

Boys in masks!

Spicy Guevara

CarloGuevaraOnce in a while, a little tickle to the imagination does some titillating trick. Carlo Guevara, back as one of Bench Body endorsers,  is in tighty whities, outlining the precious little cuts and contours of his awesome, hard bod (and wee willy wonka).


Jak Roberto getting hotter and hotter!

MD996 MD997

The Happy Stripper!



Reader contribution: “I love you daddy!”

Mark Onir

Ex-model, now tv actor Mark Onir

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