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Yummy policeman Don McGyver, flab and all.

dante-balboa dante-balboa1149

Dante Balboa ages ago.

Mr. Big

bob-brief-rectoMr. Big is back! This time, he’s showing off his nice, smooth legs. There’s no stopping Mr. Big as he takes on the internet with his impressive physical assets. Of course, the shirtless and underwear shoots are most appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!


Wendell Ramos in the movie Menor de Edad


Hairy Dave and the fake Celine.



On rare occasions, we veer away from all the cuteness and beautiful things among boys and men, and we pay particular attention to the ugly side of humanity. In the news lately for a gruesome death, the suspects Matteo Oda Chopitea and Christian Lloyd Garcia looked familiar among followers of racy social media accounts. What have you done, little boys?

Jake AF


Expectation versus reality?

It doesn’t matter that he’s older, a little bit tired around the edges. Jake Cuenca still has it as an underwear model. That’s why he’s strutting his stuff just like the good old days of Bench Body. This time he’s stringing his Guitar underwear at the beach. He’s actually rockin’ it! Isn’t he?


Naughty and nice!

md777Bikini boy Dondy, then and now


The other JC in ABS-CBN.

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