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Jack and Ivan

Two boys of contrasting looks and background, I would have to ask you to choose one. Jak Roberto’s relative rise to stardom last year came through with the constant baring and abs-flashing.  Ivan Dorschner‘s stint at the reality show Big Brother made him known in showbiz circles.  They’re both gracing this site now with their shirtless presence.

Gym selfie with hot dad Christian Vasquez

John Miller flashback

Bulging through, too

These boys, they grow up fast! While we were not looking, figure skater Michael Martinez emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and girls alike. While you sickos drooled over his young bod when he was starting out in skating, he’s now 20 years old and ready to bare more! Right, Michael?

Recognize him? Dar Bernardo a.k.a. Darylle Francis Salvador

Kim Domingo’s hot boyfie Michael Acuña!

Have you heard about the “only straight guy in the industry of nudity in the Philippines”, Patrick Adriatico (@theNakedOne25)?

Bulging Through

One of the unusual requests lately is a feature on Michael Hagedorn. Should I know him? I did a quick search and I have some images from his bodybuilding episodes with Slimmers World last year.  We celebrate in this site the male form, in all shapes and sizes. I hope you enjoy the handsome and considerable assets he brings to this post.

Beast mode Jake!

Back stage preppin’!

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