Monthly Archives: April 2017

Hot: pro baller Paolo Taha


Seymour Butts: indie actors Dexter Castro and Nico Taberna

Vin was a fat boy before.

Transformation Thursday: Alex Castro

Boys in the Water

The prevailing theme is boys in the water in candy-colored clothes. Yes, they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest. That will do, for now, as we can only imagine these Meant to Be and Boybandph cuties getting their sexy on. My best bets who’ll go first areĀ  Tristan and Russel, Addy and Jak. Anything for that elusive superstardom.

Throwback: Maico!


Oh, silly, there’s nothing there! They’re just boys acting out in the pool. I just posted these images because they look cute and naughty. There’s something sexy about half-naked boys swimming, their wet body parts against each other. Did they feel something? Did you feel anything?

Amateur model Jovani Manansala by the pool.

Professional model Maverick Kelvin by the pool, too

Indie actor Brent Lorenzo, brookside.

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