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Carlos is happy for Raymond, too!

Kiefer cools off

Dreamboy: Cole Micek


All this talk about fitness and wellness got me thinking about Erwan Heusaff, too, who was once a fat person like you. And you! These days, he’s fit and handsomer than ever. In honor of his remarkable physical transformation (his tubby images are online), I am posting his images here. Some may find inspiration. Others, well, lechery. Whatever feelings you may have about Erwan, we love him all the same.

When we were young…

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Then and now: McGreggy

Dante and Son

Let’s go back to the hotter-than-hot topic of dads and sons. It’s dads not daddies, actually. Today’s main dish is composed of actor-singer Dante Ponce and son Armand. Mr. Buerano continues to be a hunk as evidenced by that body that sufficiently belies his dadhood.  The son also rises.

Enchong at bay.

Swimwear or underwear at the beach?

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