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RK Bagatsing: hottie or nottie?

The Companion

Where in the world is Jiro Shirakawa? Sometimes he’s spotted in Europe, oft times in the US. The traveling boy – always photographed solo for his social media humblebrags – was last seen in public at the Miss Universe event as the barong-clad bodyguard (a.k.a. close protection officer) of a personality who made a fortune in low-end eau de toilette.

In the flesh: Dave Santos

Water Fun

Since Vince Vandorpe is active again on tv after a long while (I think I know the racy reason why), what’s another appreciation post of the cute Filipino-Belgian model and actor, bulge and all? He’s with best buds Patrik Franksson and Angelo Tan-Alberto. Recipe for summer sexy: sun, fun and lots of water!

(Fire)Men on fire!

New kid on the block: Gil Cuerva

Indie actor Kiko Montenegro

Are these Penshoppe model Cameron Dallas’s leaked dick pics?

John Transforming

This is the before-and-after post, although when it comes to John Spainhour, there’s not much difference. Except for the hair. Sometimes, we get a dose of Mr. Spainhour, who is still the ideal hunky-handsome model in town. In this errant site, a month without a feature on him is like a day without sunshine.

More of Mr. Yusuf‘s abs!

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