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Marlon smolders

And even more . . .

Sam’s Turn

Let’s take a short and tiny break from all the dick shots. Today’s main feature is top model Sam Ajdani who’s formally breaking ties with the underwear brand that launched his career – dropping trou and donning undies for BenchBody – by endorsing good ole Jockeys. Oh, wait, is the wank vid forthcoming, too?

Luke or Martin Jickain?

Make way for teen model Joshua Kristoffer de Leon!

Tatsuya Racy

Mister Japan was in town to compete in a male pageant and he didn’t win. Tatsuya Lacey is a winner in our books, though, in all his Royal Hairiness.  Art or not, these photos outline, er, new (love) trails for a sex-positive world.

Seven years ago, Marco Morales and Arjay Carreon made out in the bathroom

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