Monthly Archives: September 2017

Zeus’s game

Gerald on a yacht

Throwback #Bench30years

Like Pops

See the likeness? Up-and-coming star Kiko Estrada is looking more like his father these days, erstwhile matinee and sexy actor Gary Estrada. Good genes, eh? Will Kiko follow in the footsteps of his speedo-clad old man? Is he one of the surprise Bench Body models this November? Oh such a treat!

Wayback Wednesday: Wendell for Bench Body #Bench30years

Where’s Clint in all the tackiness?

Junnel Manansala lets it hang low.

For Lay Again

Now and then we feature then-and-now photos of some of our objects of fancy a few years back. Ten years ago, Ian Porlayagan was winning every male personality contest in town. He went on to become a top model for almost every local fashion designer until he disappeared from the limelight. A few days back, he re-surfaced at the Bench Body go-see. Does he still have what it takes to be an underwear model?

Matteo v. Nico

Arron Barin’

Long rumored for his interesting private video, actor Arron Villaflor keeps his boy-in-underwear-next-door persona for now. He’s endorsing undergarments and required to keep them on, natch! Are we happy seeing him this way? Will we be happier seeing him some other way?

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