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Underwear models never fade away. They just grow a bit older, spawn and well, look much better.  Ex-Bench/Body model Sam Ajdani proves to one and all that he is still a good fit for dem underwear shows. With a rumored NSFW video, isn’t this model interesting these days?

Commando run

David Semerad, anyone?

El Vivo!


Would you care for another serving of Bartolome Mott, in all his Bench/Body underwear hotness? This time, it’s a BTS photo, best to see where all the editing came from. He’s fine, for me, whether he’s horse-hung, padded or not. For sure, he’ll rock the finale of the show on November 18.

Allen, Aljur or Avin?

Guess who?


The boys are selling S-E-X and they’re quite good at it!  At the preview of the Bench Under the Stars show the other day, Albie Casino led the shirtless (and underwear) show of actors, models and wannabes. It wasn’t smutty enough but the mere sight of pecs and abs of Addy Raj, David Licauco, Bruno Gabriel and Mark Mugen got some loins stirring.


We get starry-eyed every time Tom Rodriguez goes out in his undergarments, right?  Because we know that junk in the trunk is quite hefty, it is apt that he headlines this year’s biggest flesh show this side of the pond. He promises he won’t wear the penis pads this time, and everybody wants to be under his stars.

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