Monthly Archives: February 2018

Water Love

And so we’ve come to this: all pure summer with the newest favorite Marco Gumabao. He’s the best in the Bench/Body backlot or basement, and they’re making him wear all the available undies they’re selling. Which is good, because we get to see him all the time. Tight and snug.

Alex sweats it

Mr. Laoag Jego Nacnac has an interesting video online

Relic of Ox

Sam auditions for Superbods

Sexy Mustafa

Muscle worship Rendon

Boys of Tuna

It’s that time of the year when the boys go out to play shirtless. Also Century Tuna holds the Superbods competition to find the best-looking guy in a nice pair of shorts. Matteo and Gerald show us how it’s done: eat lots of tuna and workout in the gym. Who did better?

Scandal 1: Emil Khodaverdi

Scandal 2: Adolf Garalde

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