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Wet bikini: Mark Yim

How about Ronnie Liang?

Au Naturel

If this is mid-life social media crisis, then we gladly want him to stay that way: naked all the time. Troy Montero has been bulge-pimping these days in his accounts, but this one takes the cake. He’s showing off skin, lots of skin in a public pool under the hot summer sun. Who are we to complain?

Superbod Farzam Nasirian

More John Frey

Stallion in the water

Newbie John Frey

Bikini boys invade City of Dreams Manila

Stock Photos

Hot, hot, hot! That’s Marlon Stockinger under the summer sun. And although the heat’s turned up high, Marlon is still solid and stiff, er, stable in midday fun. Although the heat’s intensifying as temperatures soar in the metro to record levels, the 26-year-old occasional model and race car driver is keeping his cool under the oppressive sun, thanks to his tiny shorts.

Clint Bondad FTW!

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