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Bay watching with Ethan Salvador

Want more of Lucky Conde?

Beefcake Tony!

Did you notice Tony Labrusca keeps on cock-teasing us with his shirtless, sweaty drool-worthy photos on his social media accounts lately? He’s practically naked in his feed, and we’re not actually complaining. He’s also gaining some considerable foothold in ABS-CBN, making him one of the hottest (literally also) stars there. So, yeah.

Marked Man

Into our mundane Wednesdays, some sleaze and dick must fall. Humpday’s a bit special with this feature because we’re getting some warm images with this boy. He’s a familiar face and body in the bikini open circuit. Like him cocky?


Wayback Wednesday: Paolo Serrano has a wank video

How about Dave Bornea?

Mark is next?

Ronnie’s legs (and feet)

Aha Hits Stardom

Adam Hiss Throat


Constant teasing with Kevin Redder

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