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The buzz is that these two boys are doing it! Tongues are wagging in showbiz circles about Mark Bautista and Benjamin Alves, an unlikely pair. But this is crazy showbiz, and anything goes. Benjamin is reeling off from a sudden breakup with a girlfriend of two years. Mark’s under the radar, doing shows here and there. The world is made for love, and if these boys are really hitting it off well, then we are happy.

Model Art Natividad is back!

Model David Yap with the wank vid

Ex-Manhunt Phils contestant Ronnie Toribio uncovered

Mr. Bagatsing still has it!

The guy from Drag Race and World of Dance : Asaf Goren

New Bench Body

It’s only a matter of time before Juancho Trivino drops the shorts and shows off his bulge for Bench Body. Of course, it’s a long time coming, as the 25-year-old actor-model-basketball-player deserves to be in that line-up of barely-clad dudes for the local underwear company. Can’t wait for summer!

Kenjie Abrenica uncovered

Paulo Angeles cutie

Make way for Andre Brou-something

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