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doms copy

This is the raciest, raunchiest promo so far for Bench Body‘s biannual fleshfest. Imagine boy-next-door Dominic Roque posing almost nekkid, pubes in near-Brazilian for the ads! Of course, we can’t complain. In fact, we’re waiting for the actual little boy walking down the runway on September 19 at the Mall of Asia Arena,teasing and pleasing in the skimpiest underwear ever!

Centerfolds 2014

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A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory!  Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this motley group this year. Some are hot, though. The most revealing shot is that of -


followed by Piolo‘s joyless nephew,


The rest, you decide:










Pro Baller

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MikeAcuna copy

The pro league in Philippine basketball just got a sexy addition in model-indie actor Michael Acuna who was recently drafted in the fourth round of the annual PBA draft. In case he looks familiar, he has done some racy photo shoots in the past, plus his risqué appearance in the gay indie flick  Summer Boys with Jeff Luna.

SummerByz024 SummerByz025 SummerByz026

Mike is shown here playing hoops with a very nekkid Jeff. Watch the Summer Boys video

for some revelation at the end of the basketball episode.

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