The “Millennial Hunk”

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IMG_1432I’m at a loss for words to explain that tag, too. Someone wise enough from Creatives Department attached that label to Albie Casino recently, hoping it will catch on. Labels or no labels (without shirts, too), Albie will always be that sexy thing, who once captured the collective sighs of girls and girls alike with his naked selfies in his younger days!

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Oily, Sweaty

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This may very well be called the Shirtless Cuties Post Du Jour! Or maybe Male Fantasy Collection. Whatever floats your boat. First up is Daniel, who is in his usual dreary, lifeless self. Or maybe, he just poses like that, silly me, I don’t mind at all if he’s that utterly cute!


Or boytoy David, who is also a cutie and a favorite boy in showbiz, if you know what I mean. And then again, that is not my business, as I can only marvel from this far at David gracing us with his shirtless presence.

LumbaAnd another boytoy Mauro, dark and swarthy, of course. I can almost smell the testosterone in the studio: that sweet, heady mix of sweat, stale cologne and all the boy juices from these models.  With these three, there’s no more fitting, or fit, model-boys to start the weekend off right!

Filling Station

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CJQUEROLRemember that boy supposedly  “discovered” at a petrol station? He’s back and CJ Querol‘s got more to offer than fuel, lubricants and special fluids. He’s got the awesome-st moose knuckles this side of town, and frankly, I’m a bit impressed. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of him in the (modeling) future.

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Double your pleasure

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I can’t believe it took me this long to notice Tanner Mata, lurking in the Manila modeling shadows for quite some time. How can such a handsome mug evade the prying eyes of this impertinent site? Tanner’s half Filipino, born and raised in Colorado.


tyler2 tyler3

In case Tanner’s not quite enough, he has a brother called Tyler, who’s modelling in Bangkok. That’s double the cuteness! These boys won the genetic lottery 22 years ago, and they’re spreading the love (and gorgeousness) this side of the globe.


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Matthias RhoadsBack to normal, boxer-briefs-wearing hunks for the day. Filipino-Scandinavian Matthias Rhoads‘s claim to local fame was when he took off his shirt at the Philippines Independence Day parade in NYC.  People came up to him and took pictures with him, all the while telling him that he can be an actor in Manila. He’s now here testing the waters. Of course, he had to pose in underwear for us!

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