TomDen Returns pt.1

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The Bench Body night was owned by the reel life love team of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo. They made the girls and girls swoon, as one by one they came out to tickle the crowd’s collective fancy. Tom went in first. He dangerously lowered his pants to reveal some Brazilian done.


Plus the obligatory buttocks tease.


Then walked Dennis Trillo, who finally donned a pair of briefs in public after a long period of underwear endorsements.

Dennis1 Dennis2 Dennis4 Dennis3

And the crowd went really wild.

Man Meat

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Markki1 Markki2 Markki4 Markki1

Markki Strøm was, of course, a revelation last night. The formerly wholesome singer and actor has now been reduced to a shameless hunk of man meat.  With an immaculate body – super arms that are built to the right proportion, a midsection that ripples in every direction, and strong legs that are well defined, how could our little Markki go wrong?

More Jeff

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img318 copy

I was hoping I can post pictures from The Naked Truth here today. Unfortunately, it was canceled at the last hour due to “inclement weather condition.”  It is pushing through today, though. Hopefully.


In the meantime, Jeff Langan poses for Bench Body cameras in his tight underwear. He’s probably the lead star now in the Bench backlot (or basement). Move over Vince Ferraren!

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