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tomas1 tomas2

So gaze and be amazed! Tom Rodriguez is going leading-man-sexy as he takes on the Marimar soap for GMA. These are modern times and a guy on tv wearing nothing but say, skimpy underwear is not really a big deal. Hopefully he’ll do or wear something small to put his ass (and all that are attached to such) back in this site again.

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The Flesh

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There’s somebody for everybody, so perhaps Albert Gonzales of the blue pouch is your ideal cup of tea. I think it’s in one 90s movie where the lead said “sometimes you have to lay off the crème brûlée and feast on the Jell-O.”  I get the message and I’m putting in some bikini boy, for now (in lieu of the legit models).  But feast it is, as it is not too often when a guy fills in a pouch that way.

Up in varsity hills

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varsityObviously you’re eyeing the smaller and cute one.  The 5’9″-tall basketball player is Yvan Ludovice, who played for the San Beda Red Lions several seasons ago. He’s between Baser Amer and David (or maybe Anthony) Semerad, teammates in the champion team of the Mendiola-based school at the collegiate games.  They may not be the usual hunks we feature here (except for the Semerad guy), but their tempting physical attributes alone are enough to support this post.


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TomRod copyWe have practically featured all shapes and sizes of boys and men in this site. Some are hot and sexy, others are cute and charming. Tom Rodriguez is a bit of all of the above, as he somehow manages to transition from wholesome to, uhm, fun sometimes. Coming up this season is Tom in all his shirtless glory as Sergio in the GMA tv soap Marimar!

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Monday man

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spainhour2Heck, this site could very well be now the John Spainhour Adoration Society, so we can use another photo for this day. It doesn’t feel like a Monday to me, though. The thing is, I have always gotten through the Monday blues with a lot of nice things on my mind. Like our favorite model guy John in, of course, underwear with belt and nice cap. Happy Monday, everyone!

This is our youth

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A new model boy in town is always a breath of fresh air. In this case, we take a whiff of the sweet smelling air around Fil-Swede model Patrik Franksson. Patrik first played for the Laos Football Club (based in Manila) in the United Football League Division 2.

AlbieAlbie Casino or Mr. Stallion, as he would like to call himself these days in apparent reference to his much-vaunted but unconfirmed giant member, teases and pleases once again with this wet pit shot. It is more than enough, for now.

ael nayveI’ll say the magic words: varsity basketball player. Ael Nayve makes an appearance in this site because – (1) he’s shirtless; (2) cute; and (3) plays college hoops for the DLS-CSB Blazers. If there’s any consolation in this post, he’s definitely rockin’ with his bod and that promise of a bulge down there.

In fashion

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CarloLeeApparently neck wear is in fashion these days. Leather neck wear, actually. The boys demonstrate how it’s done. Carlo Antonio Lee (above) is a 19-year-old student of Multimedia Arts from DLS-CSB. In between classes, he walks the Manila runways for fashion designers who do not allow him to wear pants.

RenatoBrazilian model Renato Menezes, on the other hand, was last seen in a noontime show’s contest for handsome foreigners in town.  Although he did not get the top prize, Renato’s showbiz projects increased in number. I think.

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