DeeTour repeat

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Enchong48Did you see Enchong‘s concert DeeTour last Friday at the Music Museum? Detractors and bashers won’t have a field day as it was very successful. Packed to the rafters. Overflowing with people and things.  If you’re extra curious now and you missed it, there’s a repeat this Friday, July 10 in the same venue.

Enchong49Aside from Enchong doing the sexy moves, Enrique and Gerald were there to support their friend. Make that triple delight.  The boys will sing and dance and leave very little room for your imagination, no matter how active.

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MacMahon1They come in threes! Handsome model Mark McMahon three times in wtf underwear. He’s sexy in cheap-ass briefs, better for our visual pleasure as we get a glimpse of his apparent VPL. Now, Mark is out to prove that he’s still one of the top [underthings] models in the country. Summer’s passed but we’re still seeing more nearly-nekkid Mark images! How lucky can we get?


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Enchong1It’s Enchong Dee Day! Well, actually he has a concert later on at the Music Museum (see sidebar) and dutiful, loving fans like us should all go and support this cute boy, right?   He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me.

Enchong2Enchong’s so charming and cute. I’m not actually sure what he’ll do later -maybe some wiggling or shirtless singing, but I’m going. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode. If you want your boys twinky and young and soft, then he fits the [libido] bill. So watch the concert later, too!


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Lately we’ve been seeing cookie-cutter hunks in this site. The usual hunky, sexy culprits who couldn’t care less shedding their clothes (and underclothes, sometimes) for the sake of, erm, art and high fashion. Today is different because this one is conservative guy Daniel Velasco.

DanielV13This handsome boy once passed through our radar when he appeared in the hit prime time show My Husband’s Lover, doing samesies with his fellow cuties. These days, he’s modeling abroad and I’m not really sure what is it about working abroad that made him lose his Catholic schoolboy inhibitions? I’m merely asking, not complaining, mind you.

Prone position

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Speaking of best-loved guys, Mike Tan is also way up there in my sinful list. He’s always “the mysterious one with the dark eyes and careless hair, and too cool to care,” as some song goes.  Now, this new image of Mike modeling underwear makes him worthy of adoration, face and body-wise.

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Hot inked boys HD

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IMG_6222 copyI’m not even going to that discussion on whether tats are hot or not, because there are other more pressing issues these days like marriage equality, discrimination, terrorism and well, hot men in general. Zeus Collins has always been a favorite in this site because (1) he’s always in his underwear, which is a good thing; (2) he’s a very talented dancer; and, (3) he’s a good person. I’m gushing, actually.

Sandrin1Korean basketball player Eric Sandrin once modeled for Bench Body underwear. Although many were clamoring for him to don the gauzy briefs, his eventual entry into sexy territory was a bit lukewarm.  Maybe  he’s exceptionally blessed in height but not too exceptionally well-endowed? Maybe people were expecting the 6’9″-tall guy to be, uh, more proportional? Whatever, I still think he’s rockin’!

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