The personal trainer

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adam lloyd2 adam lloyd1In case you’re wondering about that hunky handsome guy in black (see sidebar about the queen bee and the boys), his name is Adam Llloyd. He has a potent mix of Filipino, Spanish and Australian genes in him, and that explains the unique look. Born and bred (don’t you just love that word, bred?) in Oz, he came to the Philippines to study high school in Baguio. He has since stayed in the country, as a personal trainer, model and part-time actor.

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And you’re gonna hear me roar!

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I’m not so sure but I’m thinking he is being groomed to be one of the next big leading men in his studio, this early. He has not been vacant with work. And the sexy, shirtless photos he’s doing recently rather signal his transition from the teenybopper image to a more serious figure.  Dominic Roque is all-too fleshly and fervid, sort of tempting with his youthful frame and wide-eyed stare. Oh, what kids can do these days!

Apple of the eye

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adryanI figured with the nekkid guys in the sidebar for your daily dose of sleaze, I might just post here in the main area shirtless images of model-of-the-hour Adryan Hanson from Cebu. You see, he’s all set to conquer New York and LA with modeling gigs, thanks to representation from a big agency in the US. In the meantime, he’s in town to be with his rich friend. Friends.

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Mike Fan

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I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Mike Tan. Well, he’s a ham actor and I admire him physically.  Mike’s sexy in all kinds of ways – tall frame, lean bod, bulges in the right places, and of course, a handsome face to boot. The boy’s one fine specimen these days.

Boys Aloud

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jamesWe’ve seen him shirtless countless times. This time, James Reid does some pit lovin’ under the summer haze. We don’t see any underwear or bikini shots coming, but what the heck, he’s still sizzlin’ in that hawt little bod!

derrickWould you like to spend endless summer nights with hunk-in-waiting Derrick Monasterio? Like sinfully sweaty evenings with the 19-year-old actor? I’m actually dreaming of this boy. He’s so manful and handsome these days. Heck, he’s the banner boy for this hot, hot summer!

andreWhere do I begin with this one? Let’s see, I’ll pull down his shorts, for starters. Boy-man Andre Paras finally takes his shirt off to show a work in progress. The cute 19-year-old former varsity basketball player sheds off the baby fat and the puffy cheeks in transition to hunkydom come! Like!

The Kid

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MartinI can never get enough of Martin del Rosario these days. It’s because he’s always in various stages of undress for the past few months. He’s becoming a mainstay in this site, for crying out loud! I’m not complaining, as I’m actually  in awe! That little boy body, those hairs, the puppy-dog eyes. I can go on for hours, actually.

Bushy in the water

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basel1baselRemember the hunky, hairy guy who joined Hataw Superbodies Bikini Contest last month? Name’s Basel Manapil and he didn’t actually win, I wonder why. Just the same, even if he did not get the top plum or a runner-up position, he surely made his mark in the sexy contest. Yes, I just said that.

Joem Olaguer

Well, don’t mind the toque (the chef hat). That puzzles me, too, with the pool in the background. The thing is, I have always pointed out to you dear wayward readers that Cebu is such a treasure-trove of cute guys. His name is Joem Olaguer and he reminds me of bikini open vet (now retired because of a job in Macau) Stephen Dorschner. This Cebuano hottie will just have to take the place of Mr. Dorschner then.


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george4See, here’s another repeat post of sexy guy and model George Irineu. He may not be as popular as his bff Hideo, but he surely can whip up some heat once in a while when he does this. This whole underwear thing, with all the throbbing veins and the pumped up testosterone, and lots of skin here and there. He is such a dream, actually.

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