Model of the World

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While we’re on the topic of you-know-what, here’s another one of them in the lot. Rigor Gorospe has been modelling for quite some time now, after his stint as a varsity basketball player for Adamson University.  In fact, he won the 2013 Model of the World award in the World Championships of Performing Arts in the U.S.  In case he looks quite familiar, he’s one of the merfolk in the recently-defunct prime time soap Dyesebel.


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JeffyJeff then and now (from left): Taken in 2011 by Code Homme, 2014  from his website, and at the Cosmo Bash last week

Jeff Olalia is a popular model in the blogosphere because of conflicting claims about his persona. I know, for one, that he used to play for the Adamson University basketball team. Now the 24-year-old cutie is a model, having appeared in the Cosmopolitan list of new bachelors this year. He has certainly gone a long way from his varsity hoops days as he has transformed into one of the more in-demand models of late.

Battle of the Bulge

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Cute Sexy Cub


We always knew, right? That 29-year-old actor  Geoff Eigenmann is a biggie man!  He lost a lot of weight and he’s going around town proudly showing off his new body. Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a relatively leaner and tighter bod. But big bulge, still.


Stout is the New Sexy


We still love Jake Cuenca to bits. He’s putting it all out for the carbs eaters out there. That it’s perfectly fine to gobble loads of rice and giant burgers and  chunks of steaks, with some lard and Cheetos on the side. Our ultimate Bench Body endorser did his a swan song last weekend, and he went out on top!


In case you  are interested in Jakey’s package. Here’s a tiny glimpse.



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I nearly forgot about this one. Any Bench show is not complete without Enchong Dee. I wonder why, too, so do not ask me.  There are two groups here about the guy. Some adore him: he’s so cute, mild-mannered, a good bottom, hot bod. Others hate him to bits: he’s too gay, twinky soft, trying hard to be a leading man. Which side are you?

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