Still at it!

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When you have this chinful sinful bod, you have to keep going on and on in the modeling scene until no one notices you anymore. June Macasaet may be too old in model years, but he’s still giving the new ones a run for their money. Today he’s preening and primping in his tighty whities for your validation.

Adorin’ Corbin

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corbinIt’s a good thing we have these fly-in models these days. It has been slim pickings lately Pinoyside, and such half-Filipino boys are sights to behold. One of those guys is Canadian-Filipino hottie Corbin Edmonds who is recognizable as a tv face these days.

corbinFirst time I saw Corbin, he was a fresh-off-the-boat 22-year-old pushing a wooden cart in his tighty whities with Kevin Martin Chan and Henrik Lagoni at the Bench Naked Truth show two years ago. He had so much potential back then. Of course, I would say that: he was wearing a tiny-gauzy pair of white briefs!

In Heat

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AlexDespite the filtering, Alexander Diaz really looks good in person. If you have a thing for young and twinky boys, then Alex is your thing. He may not be that popular yet on TV, as he has taken bit player roles only, but he is surely heating up the summer even more with his extra-brash shirtless and short-shorts moves.


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Whoa! Markki posted this photo in his social media account lately and my first reaction was, he’s doing this sexy “boyfriend twin phenomenon!” You know, doppelbanger, lookalike boyfriends. When someone dates a person who looks like themselves.  Markki’s looking more and more like his current beau (“their facial hair must have been carved by the same blade”). I’m happy he’s happier now.

The second coming

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IMG_3099You may be getting sick of Derrick Monasterio showing his insane abs here, but if you’re not, you’ve come to the right post. He’s frequently featured here and I can’t help it: Derrick’s been posing in various states of shirtlessness the past few days. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe he’s showing off. Maybe he’ll come close to reveal everything in the near future.

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