Fawning and flattering

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GeraldSomehow I would like to believe that  Gerald Anderson is “that dreamboat guy that never came along” and “the one-night stand, that free-fling of a fuck” that we’ve always wanted.  So when he poses shirtless by the sea, in his red swim shorts a la Baywatch, Gerald has this naughty-boy-next-door down pat.  Of course, I would only be too glad if he can only get out of those shorts.

Naked as he came

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IMG_9821Scrumptious daddy Dennis Trillo is here by request again, after the slew of Bench Body underwear models in the posts lately. I hope you don’t mind, not that I’m asking permission from you dear errant reader. I’m not really a tv person, but a Dennis Trillo appearance on the boob tube makes me guilty of missing out on such a fine and sexy man. And I hope you won’t get tired staring at him. One of these days, maybe he’ll drop his cheap-ass undies for us.

Pasión de Amor

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IMG_9811The ads and promo materials did not mention the show title as Diván del Director or “Casting Couch.” Instead, Ejay Falcon, Jake Cuenca and Joseph Marco, all famous (or notorious) for snagging roles in their home studio for sheer talent and sus favores al director de reparto, are in the oddly-titled Pasion de Amor soap. Of course, aside from the drama that will showcase their acting chops, I’m also looking forward to the gratuitous baring of their bodies (see photo above and others in the worldwide web).

Brent briefs

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Brent copyOnce there was fresh-faced boy who gave us thrills and chills in his tiny swimwear in runway shows and fashion shoots. Brent Javier was always in a state of undress in his photos – showing all his pecs and packs, bulges and blobs. A bit. These days, Brent is still hot and dishy and good, as shown by his underwear photos of late.  Refreshingly good!


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PatrickMagtanong1 copy

In such a very short time, our featured boy-hunk in underwear is back again after his photo was posted here days ago. Despite that itsy-bitsy period from the time of his last feature, it is still worth highlighting Patrick Magtanong of Pampanga in all his small-and-tight-underwear glory.  In case that torso looks familiar, it’s because Patrick’s frame was used in the boxes for Dickies underwear.


This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r.

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dindoThree bikini boys in one day is not too impossible in this site. Heck, I can give you more but for today, there are three. For now. The boys came in the mail today, courtesy of the organizers of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest, which will be held on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. First boy, groins and all, is Dindo Lescano, who’s been competing in bikini competitions for some time now.

jl 2Then there’s JL Dizon, who’s bringing sexy (and the mullet) back! You might remember him as the innocent little boy who locked lips and rubbed crotches with the ultimate gay indie tease, Marco Morales in Dreamguyz. JL is still a dream, in some ways.

mikoThe third boy is Miko Laurel, who’s also a bikini open veteran. If you do a Google search, you’ll see lots of images of this guy in various states of undress. That’s a good thing.  And so, I am reminding you – as this is the real purpose of this post – to watch this competition. It’s not the tease-and-sleaze type. Well, maybe a bit, but the boys are good and gorgeous and bikini-clad. Just watch.  Buy your tickets at TicketWorld 891.9999, Music Museum 721.0635  or from Roldan 0905 359.509.

Sexy Tony

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tony vanOkay, I get it folks. You don’t like the kid posted below. Give it time. Who knows? In the meantime, to appease your seeming displeasure, I would like to introduce to you Anthony van Dierendonck. Tony is from Davao and I’m not too sure if he’s related to the hot Dutch-Filipino model Alec van Dierendonck. Anthony made a fresh appearance in this site 4 years ago (see here). Now, he’s one of the contestants of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest happening on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. If you want to see him in person, tickets are available at TicketWorld 891.9999,  Music Museum 721.0635 or Roldan 0905 359.5091.


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DJ PadillaYou can just imagine how many requests I get almost everyday for a feature on big, big star Daniel Padilla. But he doesn’t have sexy shirtless photos just like his older brother, I would reply. So when the opportunity came, in the form of a lazing-around DJ on a river raft, I had to post right away to satisfy the countless fans this teen phenom has. In any case, if you’re in the minority (read: not an admirer), you can always refer to the side posts for sleazier posts.

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