The SS Group

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That mysterious group that regularly meets in S …. ssecret is actually an exclusive yet informal group of gay dudes in the city. The members are so picky and the number one rule is No Fuglies Allowed. So, in case you’re speculating that the Top Official and his BFF are included, you are ugly wrong. Top Official and his BFF look like Jerry and Bazooka Dave of the Minions, go figure.

SS Group is one group that every social fuckin’ climbing dude wants to join. The members are screened big time. Strict criteria aside from being good-looking is being discreet, with some money and good background (Ken failed, obviously). Some exceptions, however, are made, such as in the case of The Brute for his “extraordinary abilities” that are beneficial to some members of the group.

The de facto leader is He Who Must Not Be Named HWMNBN because the group uses his fancy house with the big pool down in S…ssecret. There’s a smattering of models for eye candy purposes. Showbiz regulars include ex-model and occasional actor with foreign sounding name, and singer from a long-defunct assortment of five talented kids. Sometimes, veteran actor who endorses the Cryogenics Department of a top beauty clinic is also present. There are rich and cute kids from old clans in attendance oftentimes.

While it is a big and interesting group, not all attend the weekend gatherings. The Big Gathering is the annual Christmas party. Until then.


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Do you dig reed-thin, tall models? If so, Taiwanese model Sky Yang is your boy! The 6’3″-tall model also lists himself as a student of Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the Enderun Colleges. He is practically cast in all the big modeling projects in town.

Varsity Bikini

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College basketball produced some really good models today. Tall and interesting guys who are daring and baring. Just like Gil Wagas and Miko Raval, who are making waves on the runway in all their near-nakedness.


The 6’3″-tall Gil played for the University of the East Red Warriors some time in 2009. Although he never played to great heights (and pop status in the UAAP), he went on to become a sought-after model, with his interesting look and long, lean frame.  Gil was Mister International-Philippines 2013.


On the other hand, Miko Raval once played hoops for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons. The 6’1″-tall cutie  is fast becoming one of the it boys of Bench Body. He’s appeared in almost all the campaigns of the underwear company lately, plus some major exposures in the runway shows. He’s also into showbiz these days.


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New Aljur picture, but what’s new with the hot hunk of GMA? I’m pretty sure the Aljurtards out there will react violently, but after all is said and done – Is it really the end of the freakin’ line for Aljur? He’s not doing anything, for crying out loud! No movies, no tv shows. Is his star really fading?

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The Boys

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Ahh, the boys! This post hopes to be an update on the comments with regard to the basketball players of the colleges and universities in the big city. Remember that Kris Porter feature last year? Well, it generated 1000+ comments about this mysterious lot of varsity players.

In case you’re wondering, the one on the left is cutie Fonzo Gotladera, 6’5″-tall player for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Beside him are DLSU Green Archers Norbert Torres a.k.a. The Bear and the popular yet very expensive AVO. This was taken when they were still rookies for DLSU during their “initiation rites.”

Who’s your favorite UAAP player?

New Boy

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marco poli

There’s another new boy on the modelling block and he’s tall, handsome and athletic! Twenty-one-year-old Marco Poli (that’s his real name, I kid you not!) is making waves on the runways.  It looks like a bumper crop of young and cute models invading the scene this time.

marco poli

At the recent Bench show, the 6’3″-tall Filipino-Italian cutie walked with his little ‘kinis on stage. Everyone turned to notice. When he’s not busy doing sexy, he’s a goalkeeper for the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club

The Cute Lifeguard

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Suddenly, he came out of nowhere to land on the local fashion runways. In skimpy bikinis. Twenty-three-year-old student, swim coach and lifeguard Henrik Lagoni is the newest IT boy in the modelling circuit! The 6’3″-tall Danish-Filipino student of Business Development Engineering from Aarhus University in Denmark is in town to explore opportunities in modelling and other jobs.  We’ll see more of him in the future. Hopefully, in teenie tiny thongs, of course

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