Money Shot

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DomThis could very well be Dominic Roque‘s most important picture, for now. At least for this site. How can you explain that adorable VPL, seemingly about to burst from the cramped confines of a tiny piece of clothing? Trolls may have a field day with this one, but more will rejoice as Dom finally unleashes his sexiest and cuter-than-cute boy-next-door good looks and charm!

Beautiful Boys

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4boysIt’s a motley crew of pretty, fresh boys who have taken their shirts off in the name of hotness! Wryan Chua is situated leftmost, a Mr. Chinatown runner-up and a student at the CEU. Next to him is Mr. Chinatown Jan Louie Ngo, a 22-year-old graduate of Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University Manila.  And then there’s Cedric Evan Vergonia, back in Manila after his U.S. immigration try, some controversies, and 15 minutes of fame in a noontime show. He’s also the Bodyshots 2013 winner.  Righmost guy is Matt Singson, also known Albie Casino‘s best buddy. Who’s the hottest?

Dream Bros

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karl copyThe UAAP’s coming up in a few weeks and I’m going to ask you to churn up the names of varsity players on the meat market. Kidding. What I’m trying to say today is that this seemingly-innocent image of basketball player and model Karl Kramer in his social media account deserves a post all his own.

kramersDid I mention Kramer? Yes, he’s the younger brother of The Bicep Jumper a.k.a. Doug, who modeled for Bench Body in the past lifetime. Of course, we’re wishing Karl will follow the footsteps of bro in the Bench Body backlot, i.e. donning dem tiny pairs of briefs.

doug copyIn case you needed some reminder how hot Doug looked like in his drawers, here’s one image from a Bench fashion show where the basketball hunk  filled out his own underwear quite nicely, proving he is the perfect package!

Man of the Year

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Karan0 Karan4

Karan Karan1

And just like that, some people in Indonesia declared our Mister Philippines, Karanjit Singhdole, the ultimate dude of the year. Which means he lords over the world as the epitome of masculinity in the race of man. As tribute to that wonderful win, here are some of my favorite photos of the guy, back when he was blazing through the bikini open circuit. Of course, my favorite is when he was candidate no. 40.

Carlo all sides

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carlo carlo2

As much as we want to see the front side bulge of a handsome and fit male model in underwear, we’re also quite curious with that derrière. Does he have bubble butt? Is everything perky back there? Actor Carlo Guevara, who returns as a model for the company that ushered in his showbiz career (that’s Bench Body, of course), proves he’s, uh, a well-rounded underwear model.

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James + Body

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Reid2Have you seen James Reid‘s latest TVC for Century Tuna? Dubbed as #bodyofthecentury, I couldn’t agree more! The 23-year-old actor is on top of his game, looking better and fitter than ever. Who doesn’t love James? He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode. If you want your boys adorable and lean and mean, then James fits the [libido] bill.

Mark mOf course, James wouldn’t go full monty for the TVC, silly! That job belonged to a cute (and lucky) newbie from the other side of the sexy tracks a.k.a. the Bikinidom, who goes by the name of Mark Miguel. The 411’s not out yet, except that the youngin’s putting himself out in bikini contests of late.

markJames Reid’s stand-in sure looks promising to me!

How’s AVO?

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AVOI’m wondering – and I’m pretty sure you are too – what Arnold van Opstal is up to these days. He’s not playing in the collegiate basketball games anymore.  I’m guessing he has lots of sexy free time at the moment. Maybe he’s traveling, in the company of kind friends and patrons. Maybe he’s living life with flavor, to quote the slogan of his last Bench Body ad. He’s sorely missed.

Nikko Rising

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This could very well be the Separated at Birth post about Nikko Natividad and Jiro Shirakawa. Somehow they have physical qualities that are similar. Besides, both are contest winners before venturing into showbiz and well, modeling.


Yet, this post is solely for Nikko, who’s been getting noticed lately, away from the motley group Hashtags.  Thanks to his appearance in Pinoy Big Brother, people are now aware of a certain Nikko Natividad, one of those rare inked boys I now adore (alongside Zeus and Jiro, of course). And, yes, we’ll get into that HashtagsScandal sooner or later.

New Luke

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Luke 4luke3So there’s this social media thing called the Be Careful Who You Bully (In Middle School) Challenge, where one’s supposed to post two pictures, one old and one recent photo and see how people react to the transformation! Luke Conde‘s not actually jumping on the bandwagon, so I made this for him just in case he wants to tell you uglies that, uh, beauty is skin deep and it’s in the eyes of the beholder and all those stuff.

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