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Whoa! Markki posted this photo in his social media account lately and my first reaction was, he’s doing this sexy “boyfriend twin phenomenon!” You know, doppelbanger, lookalike boyfriends. When someone dates a person who looks like themselves.  Markki’s looking more and more like his current beau (“their facial hair must have been carved by the same blade”). I’m happy he’s happier now.

The second coming

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IMG_3099You may be getting sick of Derrick Monasterio showing his insane abs here, but if you’re not, you’ve come to the right post. He’s frequently featured here and I can’t help it: Derrick’s been posing in various states of shirtlessness the past few days. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe he’s showing off. Maybe he’ll come close to reveal everything in the near future.

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The hottest boy this summer

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Clint Bondad, of course! He may not have won Century Tuna Superbods 2016, but Clint will forever be in our loins as the best boy this summer. It almost seems unfair, that someone could be so hawt and good-looking. Watch him sweat!


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IMG_3098Today is the official crowning of Derrick Monasterio as the Next Big and Sexy Thing. Imagine the 20-year-old actor next summer when Bench Body taps this young hunk for its underwear line. We’re nearly there. First, the wet hairy pits to complement the crazy abs. Next year, the VPLs and the polyester-combed cotton briefs!

Au naturel

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IMG_3064You might have seen Mikael Daez before in the buff, in his younger years’ dickfie. These days, he’s all covered up and well, decent and appropriate.  He’s also an underwear endorser, so there’s still that bit of sexy in him sometimes when he shows up in the brand’s ads. Monday, Mr. Daez brings us  nearly-naked presents!

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