Boys in the Water

by: rddantes April 27, 2017 | 8 Comments |

The prevailing theme is boys in the water in candy-colored clothes. Yes, they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest. That will do, for now, as we can only imagine these Meant to Be and Boybandph cuties getting their sexy on. My best bets who’ll go first are  Tristan and Russel, Addy and Jak. Anything for that elusive superstardom.


by: rddantes April 25, 2017 | 50 Comments |

All this talk about fitness and wellness got me thinking about Erwan Heusaff, too, who was once a fat person like you. And you! These days, he’s fit and handsomer than ever. In honor of his remarkable physical transformation (his tubby images are online), I am posting his images here. Some may find inspiration. Others, well, lechery. Whatever feelings you may have about Erwan, we love him all the same.


by: rddantes April 23, 2017 | 75 Comments |

Yesterday’s papers and social media carried this photo. While I may be late, I just have to say my piece: it amazes me the commitment and hard work involved in achieving a body like this and this site is vicariously happy that Raymond Gutierrez looks fit and fab these days. I guess I’ll have to drop the cake and the doughnuts now. Kisses and hugs to Raymond for telling us to get our ass in gear, and for giving people like us hope and inspiration!

Not Beach Wear

by: rddantes April 21, 2017 | 46 Comments |

Underwear fashion really doesn’t go far. Four seasons apart, and the boys are still wearing the same designs. And then again, who’s grumbling and griping, when we have these arousing images of men? One thing is for sure: dazzle them with florals and summer prints and abs and bulges, and people won’t care much about the recycled designs.

The Brothers Khodaverdi

by: rddantes April 20, 2017 | 47 Comments |

There is someone for everyone. Whether you like dem chunky-hunky or plain twinky, this site offers a sweep of choices. Today’s menu came in the form of the fabulous Brothers Khodaverdi, of Indian descent. Kai is the bigger one, and he has seen a lot of bodybuilding competitions around town. On the other hand, Emil is the model guy, who has been tagged as one of the Bench models of late. Who’s your fancy?

Show Off

by: rddantes | 58 Comments |

It’s the middle of the week and frankly, it’s slim pickings on the Daring Boys Department. I am sharing this one from the mail and it looks pretty interesting, what with the gif working in this wayward site. I get dizzy sometimes with the visual movements, but I’m fine with the sights.


by: rddantes April 19, 2017 | 74 Comments |

The hotness of Dominic Roque deserves a post of his own. A little lower with those shorts and we’re good for the whole year’s dose of raunch! But that won’t happen for now, as we gaze at his fine and smooth little boy-bod.  He’s ready for the next Bench Body underwear show, that is all I know.

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