The Youngins

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MikkoPatLeave the nudies to the sideposts, for today we are having up-and-coming models of the boy-next-door variety. The tattooed one is 21-year-old Mikko Marcelo, while the other one is 20-year Patrik Franksson. Mikko is a Marketing Management junior at the Enderun Colleges, while Patrik is a football player for Laos FC. Everyone looks better when they’re younger. And wearing nothing but green shorts and undies.

Centerfolds 2015

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A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory! Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this incongruously varied group this year. Two are hot (Clint and Derrick). There’s a hideously unattractive person. One’s a washed up actor, who had nothing new to show. Oh, you decide!

Token Brazilian Cute BoyThe TrickPerennial MumpsLadyboyPretty BoyUgliest Centerfold EverWhoreboyHas been and washed up

Dan Dan Dan!

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DanielIn a few days, Daniel Matsunaga will lead a motley group of actors, models, ex-prostitutes and wannabes in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2015 show. Of course, it will be tame like a lame tame crane, since that’s in the local magazine franchise’s standing memo. Nevertheless, we’ll get to see shirtless guys. Like Daniel here.

photoWho’s faking the nekkid-under-the-blanket schtick all along.  I prefer vintage Daniel, if you ask me.

Athlete du jour

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AVO2 copy copyRecently Arnold van Opstal announced he’s qutting the DLSU basketball team in this year’s UAAP. I thought he’s doing that to concentrate on his underwear modeling career, which move is a good thing, right? We’ll get to see him in undies all the time! Hats off (and shirts and pants, too) for making AVO undress more! (And then again, he’s really going pro this year that’s why he’s quitting the small boys league).


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vinDirrrty! Sometimes I like the boys a bit dirty and messy. More of the rough-and-tumble kind like this image of Korean model Vin Lee drinking milk in his extra grubby, mucky self. I wouldn’t mind giving him a thorough scrubdown, though.

nando65Don’t you just love cute guys in their tighty whities? They look cool, clean and sexy. Take for example, this guy, Brazilian teen model Fernando Skinner. He’s so adorable in dem white briefs!


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er1  er3 er4There’s always someone for everyone’s weird tastes. Vin Abrenier2ca, for example, is your hunky Pinoy everyman. He’s the straight shirtless neighbor who wears the same smelly basketball shorts for a week or two. The one in the corner street drinking strange gin concoctions with your brother in the middle of the day. The construction worker who deserved a second, third look because of his hot bod and interesting face. The flirty waiter who likes to wear tight shirts and cheap ass jeans. Vin Abrenica is hot!

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Morris copyThe backside (and 70s bush) of Morris Navales brought him here! Most of the time we get requests for guys to be featured here and Morris’s name crops up once in a while in the requests section. That’s because he’s clothes-averse in most of his social media postings. Don’t mind the eye make-up because his buttocks and fire crotch more than make up for the campiness of the shoot.

Fresh new man

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Mark98It was bound to happen and I have a good feeling about this boy! Mark Neumann is finally going all-out sexy, well, in this case, shirtless-and-jeans-sexy as he prepares for bigger things in his showbiz career. There’s something cute and nice and bold about a young man just beginning to make his way in the world. In his case, the wayward showbiz world.

Mark copyMark is one of TV5’s newest actors on the leading-role block. The 21-year-old German-Filipino is not just a pretty pound of boy-meat as, according to his bio, he was “educated in England where he was born and raised, with a degree in Travel and Tourism.”

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