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JurjurNever mind that our favoritest Aljur is a hunk of contradictions. Remember, he quit his management team because he felt exploited with all the baring and daring? That he’s always required to take his shirt off to show his hidden talent/s? He’s still at it, of course. Because he can never hide those assets for long!

Boy2And you still haven’t identified the cute “macho dancer” for me! Here’s one more photo to help you.

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devon3 copyImagine Filipino-Swedish Devon Spence in Bench Body underwear. Barely covered up in a tiny pair of colorful briefs, sometimes with a hint of penis line. Sexy, right? Because, you see, the hunky international model is now the latest endorser for the local underwear line. Which means, we’ll get to see his near-nakedness in malls, print ads, fashion editorials and even billboards pretty soon!


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dalRemember that cute boy who auditioned for Century Tuna Superbods last year? Yeah, that one. The 19-year-old Aussie Dale McDonald, who nearly made it as a finalist except that some uglies were more influential with the judges. IMG_0987Well, he celebrated Australia Day a couple of days ago, naughtily showing off his hairy arse. We can’t complain, right?

Where to, Aljur?

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Aljur516Although Aljur Abrenica‘s no longer in the A-list after his near-miss at the top in GMA, he’s showing us he still has the goods to be a leading man. Good looks and ripped bod and a bit of acting chops. He’s languishing in TV hell these days, as he now accepts bookings for celebrity basketball games, ribbon cutting for salons, and personal appearances (shirtless!) in small bar shows.

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Guy Smiley

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macasaetBecause he is always half naked, oftentimes wearing a bikini. Because he likes to be shot with a bulge and a smile. Because he is cute and sexy. Our Monday boy is June Macasaet. Of course, by now, you are very familiar with him. And I hope you won’t get tired staring at him. One of these days, maybe he’ll drop his speedos for us.


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GilMr. International-Philippines 2013 Gil Wagas looks good naked. Well, the naked truth is that the 6’3″-tall model  while fully clothed, would not really be the type who stops you on your yellow-bricked tracks immediately based on looks alone. Naked, Gil would merit a second look. (Cheap-ass undies color-enhanced for your viewing pleasure).

The Trysting Place

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IMG_2219Of all the fake blind item names, none is better than Duanee Bagunio.

Duanee Bagunio likes cute boys. Well, everyone does. What separates Duanee from the rest of us likers-of-cute-boys is that he is a popular and successful _______. Duanee’s actually butt-ugly but rich and influential (in some ways). Moneyed, popular, with showbiz connections, the works (except for the face and body, of course). So any cute boy from simple origins would be awestruck.

Earlier this year, Duanee bought a unit in a condominium with a funny name in a vacation city. Everyone was surprised considering that the place is not really up to par with upmarket condo units that someone his caliber and stature would love. Probably it’s inexpensive, low-priced and bargain-basement. He’s rich and it wouldn’t even make a dent in his passbook. But why would he buy some cut-rate development in the vacation city and announce it to the whole country like a horny-giddy teenager on mescaline?

Thing is, Duanee’s apparently smitten with some student. Not a famous boy who models and primps before the cameras from the big city. This one’s an ordinary (but young and cute) student who goes to school near the condominium. Of course, ordinary student gets unlimited access to the new condo. Plus a new Hyundai car. And Duanee gets weekend passes, to take pleasure in cute student’s flesh in the new love nest. Mind you, that pleasuring in his young flesh is just my theory.

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