Oldies but goodies

by: rddantes April 17, 2015 | 48 Comments |

OldiesIn showbiz years, they would be considered old. But look at those bods of Piolo Pascual (left) and Jericho Rosales! They would put to shame a horny 18-year-old boy today.  Seriously, these two guys who have very impressive bodies of work in films and tv, (and even music), are not yet way past their prime.   Piolo is 38 while Jericho is 35 years old, and they look amazing.  Who’s your fancy?

Cebuano boys are hawt!

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Christopher Joshua Ibanez Reuter Hanz Velano

I know there are no regions or borders when it comes to handsome boys. But I have always reminded you guys: there are a lot of undiscovered gems down South! These two boys are in Manila for the Mister United Continents Philippines contest. Although Christopher Joshua Ibanez (left) and Reuter Hanz Velano did not get the top plum, they’re getting noticed in the big city! Christopher is 21 years old and  6’3″ tall while Hanz is barely legal at 18 years and 6′ tall. Howzabout that?

Marco Poli Redux

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marcopoli90This time it’s a bit clearer. How can you beat 190 cms of pure sexy flesh in a teenie tiny ‘kini? Add that to an exotic Filipino-Italian mug and model Marco Poli might just win the biggest bikini competition in town! I’m referring to the newly-renamed BSexy: The Elite Supermodel Quest which will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on May 30. Marco joins 24 other guys for the top prize of 100,000 pesos and modeling contracts!

Team Victor

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Victor09Despite being away from the showbiz limelight, model-actor Victor Basa is still fodder for news. People are speculating about his current relationship status, considering that his highly-visible girlfriend has not been posting photos of them together lately.  Will that mean a full showbiz comeback for this sexy guy?Victor19Eight years ago this was my post [April 12, 2007]: In a recent interview with Him Magazine [cover: Lino Cayetano], it was revealed that his father was a lawyer [who died a few years back from throat cancer] and his mother “dabbled in painting.” His uncle is flamboyant designer Paolo Basa [it was erroneously reported before that the designer is Victor’s pop]. When asked about his mother in the interview, he was hesitant to talk about her, and merely mumbled “she is somewhere doing her own thing.” That is awfully sad, as it was implied that he is not that close to his mother. Incidentally, he moved out of the family home in Valle Verde across the street, and lives with his 10-year old brother. Here’s wishing more luck in the biz for this smart and deep young man.

The Italian (stallion)

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marco polimarco poliI would like to think it’s the Italian stallion auditioning for the grand bikini modeling contest called B-Naked. Remember Marco Poli, that  hot, hot half-Italian model at the Bench Naked Truth last year? This time, the 6’3″-tall model is comfy in a very tiny bikini, perfect for summer. And for our viewing pleasure, of course.


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Jaymark Quintana 4

Jaymark Quintana 3A day without the bikini boys on this site is like a day without a bit of sunshine. The usual naughty and off-color images of boys who choose the path to bikinidom come! Like these photos of  Jaymark Quintana, who used to be a regular in the things-and-thongs competitions of yore before transplanting himself to Macau. He’s back again, this time auditioning for that big contest called BNaked: The Elite Supermodel Quest.

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