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If you like buttocks – soft, round, plump and bouncy buttocks, then Brazilian model George Irineu might just be the guy for you. His bunda  (Brazilian for bottom) is bringing the OMG on for large rear ends. There’s just something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take?

IMG_5701Frontal’s not so bad, too.

The Trysting Place

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Of all the fake blind item names, none is better than Duanee Bagunio.

Duanee Bagunio likes cute boys. Well, everyone does. What separates Duanee from the rest of us likers-of-cute-boys is that he is a popular and successful _______. Duanee’s actually butt-ugly but rich and influential (in some ways). Moneyed, popular, with showbiz connections, the works (except for the face and body, of course). So any cute boy from simple origins would be awestruck.

Earlier this year, Duanee bought a unit in a condominium with a funny name in a vacation city. Everyone was surprised considering that the place is not really up to par with upmarket condo units that someone his caliber and stature would love. Probably it’s inexpensive, low-priced and bargain-basement. He’s rich and it wouldn’t even make a dent in his passbook. But why would he buy some cut-rate development in the vacation city and announce it to the whole country like a horny-giddy teenager on mescaline?

Thing is, Duanee’s apparently smitten with some student. Not a famous boy who models and primps before the cameras from the big city. This one’s an ordinary (but young and cute) student who goes to school near the condominium. Of course, ordinary student gets unlimited access to the new condo. Plus a new Hyundai car. And Duanee gets weekend passes, to take pleasure in cute student’s flesh in the new love nest. Mind you, that pleasuring in his young flesh is just my theory.

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Hot Hunk

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Domenik2 domenik

Hot, hot hunk with buttocks nearly exposed! That’s Domenik Padovan, an up-and-coming male model of Italian descent who is very popular these days. The 6’2″-tall hunk has been quietly making the rounds of commercial and runway assignments in the country, as he has been here for quite some time now. If you like chunky hunky guys, Domenik just might give you visual pleasure. Happy Monday everyone!

David’s Member

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david Karrel

The newest member of the bump-and-grind-and-sing group of sexy men Masculados Dos is Filipino-Austrian David Karrel. In case, you’re familiar with his cute face, the 22-year-old hunk was once Cebu City’s pride and glory in its modelling and bikini competitions (see left photo). Then known as David Sommerauer, he was Mr. Cebu Runway’s Best 2010, and first runner-up in the Mr. Cebu Tropical Hunk 2011 and Mossimo Bikini Summit – Cebu Leg 2011.

How big is John Estrada?

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You might be wondering, too. You see, there’s talk that 41-year-old hot papi John Estrada is extraordinarily well-endowed. Big penis, to say it bluntly. Every time he goes out in public in tight denims, there’s a certain bulge out there that’s very noticeable.  Too bad, he’s not doing sexy shoots now, bikinis and all.


Once upon a time, John was a Bench Body model and he appeared on stage in his underwear.  Sometimes, I wish he would stop the teasing and start titillating us with his legendary bulge again. I wish.


Oh, did you know that John did butt enhancement surgery seven years ago? He even went public about it. Hot, eh?

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