This calls for a strip search

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Dennis Keliag2Police alert! After that record win by policeman Mariano Flormata in Mister International in Seoul a few weeks ago, another emboldened officer is joining a personality search where the men are supposed to compete in a swimwear portion – Mister Republic of the Philippines. Police officer Dennis Keliag, 22 years old and representing the Cordilleras, might just win this competition.

Archie SeverinoIn the meantime, hairy guy Archie Severino braces for the contest also. Mr.Republic of the Philippines 2015: The Model Search will hold its finals night on Friday, 7 p.m. 6 March 2015 at the Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel. Take that! For tickets inquiries please call 436.1500.

Monday, Monday, so good to me

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JCHe’s hot, alright. But what is it with JC de Vera? He’s not actually getting it, despite moving to ABS-CBN where it was previously presumed he’ll hit it big this time. This time is still Stagnation Alley for the young hunk, and he’s not yet in the big league. Maybe it’s time to take off more clothes?

NandoI introduce to you the newest boy in modeling town, Fernando Skinner! He looks Filipino, right? Or Eurasian. Fernando is actually Brazilian, I’m not sure if he’s a nipo-basiliero, too, like Daniel and Hideo. One thing is certain, though. He is cute and sexy. With a nice butt. And insane abs. Now, that’s a lot of things to rave about this boy!

MikeThere really is something about basketball players that make them oh-s0-freakin’-sexy! Like Mike DiGregorio here who’s teasing and pleasing in various states of Bench Body undress. Mike, who is half-Italian and whole chunk of a man, plays in the 2014-2015 PBA D-League Aspirants Cup.

Sunday miscellany

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JasonSuddenly he’s relevant again. Jason Abalos may have had his brush with oblivion and bit-playerness, but he’s not going down just yet. He’s the newest prime time lead actor with the success of his Two Wives soap in ABS-CBN. The thirty-something ex-underwear model and award-winning actor is showing us lately what he’s got, and he’s one heck of a man now!

BrodieThe tattooed guy in that Speedo group has a name! He is Canadian model and fitness guru Brodie Nero! Although the 6’2″-tall hunk has only been here for a short period of time, he has already appeared in major fashion shows and magazine editorials.

JheemOf course, you know him! A day without a bikini boy in various statse of sleaze is like a day without the, uh, sun. Well, at least in this site. Jheem Kazumi is back, making the prissy squirm in dem pants and the adventurous ones, giggle with delight.

Other young men

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DencioMr. Trillo in underwear always brings out the teenage girl in me. I can blush at that fine physique for hours! He’s always teased us all these years in shirtless photos, but it is only now for Bench Body that he’s all out boxer-briefs sexy – warts, tats, bulge and all.

Enzo1 copy

I’m conflicted with this boy sometimes. He’s not just consistent with his look. Enzo Pineda is not really the teenybopper or even the hunky type, but he has his attributes. That brown skin. That nice runner’s bod. At some angles he has a fine mug. No doubt he’s packing it in this photo!

Young Men

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Who doesn’t love Enchong Dee? He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode.  If you want your boys twinky and young and soft and often epicene, then Enchong fits the [libido] bill.

ElmoHe’s not really a stud yet. Not actually a boy now. Maybe Elmo Magalona is a boy-man and stud-in-the-offing. He’s shedding his clothes for that extra oomph to his still fledgling career in showbiz. Hot or not?

 vin copyIt’s tall, dark and uh, sexy Vin Abrenica! Well, he has his desirable traits, like a yummy bod and crazy abs. As Farmer Hogget would say, “That’ll do!” Will he strip down to his undies pretty soon? Or did big brother Aljur offer him some advice on being prim and proper?

Defy your limits

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DerA repeat post/feature within a week must be something, eh? I’m actually gushing about this new guy in the sexy block. Just look at that young body, all blown up to manly, sweaty perfection! I can post images of Derrick Monasterio in shirtless poses everyday! And now I’ll have to wait for that underwear picture pretty soon. Sexy!

ZEUS frameOr a dose of Zeus Collins, self-proclaimed God of the Dancefloor. I’ll have to add Sexy God of the Dance Freakin’ Floor! An appealing muscular hunk makes my legs wobble (and loins tremble) some more if he can do the moves. B-boying or something! This Zeus guy is all that!

adam1The runner-up also rises! The near-winner in the Mister Philippines contest, Adam Davies goes up there in the drool-worthy guys list! Imagine this chunk of a man walking on stage in his Bench Body cotton-lycras – private parts jiggling, bouncing and flapping. Crazy, right?

International man (of the hour)

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Mariano Mariano1Mariano3

A man in uniform is hot. Well, make that a handsome, hunky man in uniform! Mariano Flormata, Jr. is leading the way for police officers and other uniformed personnel to shed their clothes for a cause. After winning the Mister International title a week ago in Seoul, he’s back speaking about his advocacies. I think. And then again, if all else fails, he can always strip down to his underwear and dazzle us with his bronzed bod.

Love Local

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Sorry, the Ad Standards Council called and they had to hide AVO‘s nips. Exposing areolae in public is “against traditional family values.” But seriously, aren’t you as nonplussed as I am now with the latest Bench Body hashtag in its ads? Because you see, AVO is as Dutch as a giant windmill. Unless they’re referring to the underwear line, of course, silly me.

AlexanderTapWell, not all fly-in models in Manila are from Brazil. Here’s one from the Republic of Belarus – Alexander Taptsov. He’s 23 years old and has gone around Asia for his modeling stints. He could be another ideal Bench Body model, as he fits the tiny undergarments to a T.

Nilo Lima If you could just stop looking at the bod first and focus on his other qualifications. Brazilian model in our midst, Nilo Lima lists himself as a personal trainer, writer and rapper. Now, that is something to crow about, above all that near-perfect physique, handsome mug and huge thing down there that looks like a penis.


Maybe, just maybe, the reason why Bench Body prefers foreign models more than the local ones is that fly in models are not too queasy-conscious showing off their assets in the littlest and thinnest of underthings. You know how their briefs are made of, sort of diaphanous and see-through. Like what 19-year-old German model Frederik Ruegger is wearing, I can almost see his bratwurst! Love local, indeed!

Only the best… with just a right amount of dirty!

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BusbyI know, Monday is such a drag. It always comes around so quickly. All I want to do is stay in bed and – how do you say it? – vegetate. And then again there’s that thing called making a living. Off to the salt mines! Our refreshing Monday guy is Christian Busby, the reality show model guy. He looks pure and sweet and cute, isn’t he?

albieHis social media handle is thestallion09, and I’m definitely hooked and intrigued. Is Albie Casino proudly proclaiming his assets to the whole world? I’m thinking hung like an Arabian steed and the 09 would have to be inches. And then again, it may be just my wild imagination about this cute and sexy boy.

GeorgeFor some strange reason I can never get enough of Brazilian model George Irineu. Well, I see him most of the time and he’s gorg! Remember his butt turn in the Bench show last year? That plus a whole lot of this hunky guy got me craving for picanhas at the neaby churrascaría.


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