Bushy in the water

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basel1baselRemember the hunky, hairy guy who joined Hataw Superbodies Bikini Contest last month? Name’s Basel Manapil and he didn’t actually win, I wonder why. Just the same, even if he did not get the top plum or a runner-up position, he surely made his mark in the sexy contest. Yes, I just said that.

Joem Olaguer

Well, don’t mind the toque (the chef hat). That puzzles me, too, with the pool in the background. The thing is, I have always pointed out to you dear wayward readers that Cebu is such a treasure-trove of cute guys. His name is Joem Olaguer and he reminds me of bikini open vet (now retired because of a job in Macau) Stephen Dorschner. This Cebuano hottie will just have to take the place of Mr. Dorschner then.


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george4See, here’s another repeat post of sexy guy and model George Irineu. He may not be as popular as his bff Hideo, but he surely can whip up some heat once in a while when he does this. This whole underwear thing, with all the throbbing veins and the pumped up testosterone, and lots of skin here and there. He is such a dream, actually.

Fit and right

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victorI love me some Victor Basa, who never seems to age. He’s looking better than ever. Fit and oh so sexy, this guy has an amazing presence. And addicting! How can you not like such a face and body! Plus, he is all sugar and spice and everything nice. Okay, now I’m gushing again I have to stop.

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felipe gomesFunny, it’s the summer season and there’s a dearth of local boys in tiny bikinis in town. Well, not the boys of the bikini-open sub0culture, but the models and the actors and the wannabes. They’re all too coy to put on those ‘kinis in front of the camera. So for now, I guess I’ll we’ll just have to be contented with the fly-in models, like this Brazilian hottie Felipe Gomes, who’s so gorg in his Calvins!

Ricky Flowers Jr.1 Ricky Flowers Jr

I just realized I rarely post a picture of a beautiful black man in this site. Ricky Flowers, Jr., who is in town, is one of those drool-worthy models who make you want to forget your name temporarily. Just look at that bulge, for crying out loud (and huge)! In case he looks familiar, he’s doing the SM Department Store campaign this summer for men, along with Hideo and Daniel and Rafael.


Seats, shot, sh*t

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IMGP9125 seatIn the news yesterday. Two guys on the way to Pagadian City in an altercation with punch-drunk actress on plane. Reason for commotion: reserved seats and bruised egos. I’m for Team Anal Retentive!

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