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Jimwell Stevens in the news

Actor Jimwell Stevens [dated photo above] was fodder for the showbiz talk shows last weekend, as subject of an alleged confrontation episode between his wife, Rochelle Barrameda and erstwhile teen actress Nadia Montenegro in a Paranaque City bar. Apparently, the scuttlebutt goes, the wife accosted Ms. Montenegro who was reported to be carrying an affair with Mr. Stevens. Of course, the nasty report turned out to be a dud as both women denied the incident and laughed the whole story off. The buzz, however, created some recognition about the 35-year-old actor, who is currently filming the Pacquiao starrer, Anak ng Kumander.
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  1. So ito pala ang sinasabing Jimwell Stevens. Sa totoo lang, 35 is not an old age especially for one who takes care of his body. But remove the face, and you see the body of a 50-year-old man. Still, 50 is not very old either, but a 35-year-old body looking like 50? Ay, desperadas lamang ang makikipag-away.

  2. HE IS LOOKING GREAT AT 35! with a nice full set of hair, tone body and still goodlooking face, what else can you ask for. many actors like brad pitt, tom cruise, matt damon, etc. are all 40ish something, but they take care of themselves and still SEXY. keep it up jimwell, let the ladies fight, BUT LET ME TAKE HOME THE BACON! *****

  3. guys,this is an old photo of jimwell stevens taken in the 90s,when he was just starting,under the wings of the famous,or notorious jojo veloso.i’m sure me sex vid din siya with jojo v.,pero yun kay hans montenegro lang siguro ang nakalabas sa media.

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