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Come from Behind

Those cute and tight buttocks belong to GMA 7 actor Tyron Perez, who did lead status once as a tiny-thonged bump-and-grinder in the critically-panned movie Twilight Dancers. Now, all we have left of the movie are pirated DVDs and memories of Tyron in a racy dance number in MMDA-pink gravity-defying underwear. These days, Tyron has not been seen much. Too bad, since Tyron, who is turning 23 years old this week, has enough talent [and looks] to get other acting offers in showbiz. Maybe he’ll do a come-from-behind, this time as a serious actor?
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  1. He’s in Viva’s new indie (?) film by Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena “Room 213” and he has a scene there wherein his butt is exposed.

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