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Come On

When is Matteo going to get an(other) underwear contract? It’s been nearly a decade (2008) when he appeared in that Penshoppe ad with other briefs-clad models Einar,Victor, Akihiro, and Dominic. These days, he’s putting it out there – abs and arms and everything in between. He’s pumped and primed for that undies shot, don’t you think so?

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    1. where is hes dickie??? i cant saw it.. can sumbody point of view d dickie of this little drummer boy? did u seen it too? i just cant.

  1. hindi ko feel to dahil wala ako maramdaman libog per dito sa litrato na ito medyo pumintig ang tinggil ko…dis maz veee lab! juskoday!

  2. Nangangawit na cguro kamay nito sa kaka jakol kung totoo man na ayaw pakantot ng malanding Sarah na yan! Hay Matteo ako na lang kantutin mo!

  3. Sarap niyang tirahin kaso nakakainis acting and voice niya!…pero who cares…basta malaki at matigas ang kargada

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