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Dingdong Dantes on CosmoMen!

Gone are the baby fats and the supposed gynecomastia [firm breast tissues in males] recklessly generated by some websites. Now Jose Sixto Gonzales Dantes III or Dingdong Dantes in showbiz has bravely posed butt-naked for Cosmopolitan [Philippines] Magazine’s CosmoMen edition featuring the annual 69 “eligible” bachelors [this year, the gay guys outnumber the straight ones!]. Dingdong Dantes is truly living up to his role as the sexy shirtless Sergio Santibanez on GMA 7’s Filipino version of Marimar. This time around the 26-year old actor has agreed to be photographed bare-skinned in the forest. And it shivers us timbers!
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  1. Honestly, I don’t know. I bought the mag and excluding the top 6(?), the others I’ve never even encountered at the gym — except for one! hehehehehe!

    So, who’re the others? Send the list via YM.

  2. hmmm…cosmo is known to photoshop its pics, and the tone of the “naked parts of his body looks different from the other parts. so i think they shot this ala JR’s 2 years (?) ago.

  3. photoshopped nga at na bikini naman sya during the pictorials. c jake cuenca ang kaloka. game na game! as in. wait nalang kayo sa mga blog (if and only if e post nila pix beside na scenes. basta promice yan c jake okay lang.

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