First read on HMP: Johnron is lead in a new movie!

Johnron Tanada is making a comeback, for sure. He will soon be the lead actor in an upcoming movie by Roni Bertubin [of Sikil fame]. The movie, which will be shot somewhere south of the city is a light and sexy gay flick. Which means, we will soon get to see Johnron in the big screen in all his glory [I hope]. For now, I cannot divulge the details of the movie, as shooting starts next month, but Mr. Bertubin promised to give us first-hand info and photos soon. Something to look forward to, then.

8 thoughts on “First read on HMP: Johnron is lead in a new movie!”

  1. wow! that’s good news!! im a die hard fan! any news about johnron makes my day indeed! pleassseee! keep me (us) posted. i love johnron! i love this blog!!

  2. after the last post “that johnron is off the scene” my heart was down, but this post has brought so much delight i can’t express….
    omg, am i being a drama quenn?
    but then, we all love johnron, don’t we?

  3. AABANGAN itech ng mga vaklesh na matagal nang nasasabik kay johnron!!!…

    aba, Director Ronnie Bertubin yan, ang may likha ng matinong gay romance-drama film na SIKIL kaya siguradong matino ring gay film ito na sex-comedy?!

    panahon na para magdiwang at magbunyi ang mga “johnron lovers”, sa ayaw at sa gusto man ng kanyang detractors!!!

    go go go, johnron!!!

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