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markyI know life is unfair sometimes. There are always cute boys who possess great oral vocal powers e.g. singer Mark Bautista. Rumors of his legendary large member, of course, add to the mystery behind this hunky guy.  So it’s always a triple or lotsa-treat when Mark happens to also have a wonderful physique. Now that’s a package!


I believe it is only now that we are appreciating the great talent that is Carlos Agassi. Maybe it’s because of his resurgence as an underwear model, comfortable in his own skin and flesh, with all the muscles in between.  We’re so used to seeing him then as a fitness guy doing cutesy moves with his own rap. That’s all over for him now, as he’s grown up to be one fine hella hotter hunk, if you ask me.

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  1. parang si aljur lang pala si mark bautista. puro publicity lang na biggie obviously mga dyuts. nakalimutan yung towel pangpa bakat. lol

  2. nagulat ako kay mark bautista, napajakol nya ako, si carlos naman eh, he has always maintained his gorgeous bod. mabuhay silang dalawa!

    1. Hihimurin ko lahat ng sabaw nitong dalawang to! At yung ibang shokla diyan – mamatay kayo sa inggit!

    1. Hahahaha dinaig si angelina jolie sa pag pout!!! Malamang namaga rin yan sa pagpapak ni piolene lol!!!

  3. Mas madami pang pinakita dyan si Mark sa play nya dati na Full Monty. Naghubad talaga sila, dapat lang matalas ang mata. Pero bulbol, kita kasi see thru ang takip nya na sumbrero. Sana nga maulit!

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