I hate the holidays because ….

..I’m getting plump from all the free food and the endless sleeping hours. Somehow I envy 39-year-old actor Aga Muhlach. Look, he can go from fat to fit like a 100-to-zero blazing sports car. Just like that.  But, frankly, I always liked Aga Muhlach a bit on the pudgy side, with all those bulges and blobs and bumps . He looks cuter in that state, just like in the candid image above when he was shooting for his latest movie in Boracay Island.  I wonder how he’s putting on the scale this season.

3 thoughts on “I hate the holidays because ….”

  1. Some people look ok even when pudgy. It must be their body frame. Naturally wide shoulders and back give them some sort of sexiness. Just my honest opinion.

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