Jake Cuenca is the new Palos

With photos sent in by the mysterious harrychuachika [no more Harry pics?] , crotch-clutcher Jake Cuenca is the new Palos, the 60’s komiks character popularized by Bernard Bonnin. Palos is an adaptation of the Alyas Palos franchise of LVN Pictures, where the main character was a slippery Jame Bond-like mercenary with state-of-the-art skills.

13 thoughts on “Jake Cuenca is the new Palos”

  1. I am Bang Pineda, Stylist…I took these photos and posted them in my multiply account for contacts only…I don’t know who grabbed them among my contacts and posted them here…It’s okay to use these photos but please let me know about it because these are to be used for publicity materials…to ask permission is not a very hard thing to do right?

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  3. have you seen his billboard at Guadalupe area, man he’s so damn hot, I was drooling over to those red underwear he’s wearing. i can’t help at stare at it everytime I ride MRT…. keep it coming Jake…. hit the treadmill and increase your metabolism dude to lose those love handles…

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