Jericho in Boracay!

I ran into Jericho Rosales in Boracay yesterday, apparently shooting for his new soap on ABS-CBN. In his latest project [which premiered last week], Jericho plays the role of a girl. The series is called Ellay Enchanted, obviously an originative and visionary take by the creative genius of ABS-CBN writers on the movie Ella Enchanted. According to the press kit, the story goes this way:

Ellay Enchanted is the story of womanizing bandman Elloy (Jericho), who dates Mayette (Candy Pangilinan), the sister of his bandmate (DJ Durano). When his practice is exposed, her siblings seek revenge and decide to curse him by turning him into a girl with the help of witch-cousin Madam Keller (Eugene Domingo). The hocus pocus turns out well: Elloy turns into Ellay. But Madam becomes a man. The only way to reverse the curse is for a girl to love Elloy not as a man, but as a woman before the full moon sets in. Joey (Iya) can break the curse, but she sees the man inside Ellay. What can make her fall for another woman?

Of course, it is a given who the director is, once you see the name Deejay Durano in the credits. Incidentally, Jericho,who still looks delish in his Boracay tan and despite gaining some weight, will soon start another project called Pangarap na Bituin with plain-jane actor-singers who go by the names Sarah and Yeng.

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  1. Yes, I’m always enchanted by the guy. Maybe this one’s a big challenge for him – that of playing a girl without being too slapstick about it. And I think you are in the cast too miss?

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