Jon Mullally above water

Big Brother House resident Jon Mullaly revealed recently that he had an uncomfortable sense of belonging in England where he grew up. Emotionless, he was caught on cam revealing to a fellow resident that he did not feel welcome in England during his growing up years, that he always considered himself an outsider there, and that he wished he grew up here in the Philippines. Jon is finally loosening up inside the famous house. Maybe a little prodding from the other residents could push him to divulge more about his background, which – for now- has remained a mystery.

16 thoughts on “Jon Mullally above water”

  1. THERE ARE 3 PEOPLE I ADMIRE IN THIS BLOG : RD the poster, bloggers demure and john-aspen. THESE PEOPLE MAKE SENSE (although it has been said that this blog is not supposed to make sense, it is hard to enforce tho)…they all deserve A+.

    ngayon my comment tungkol sa litrato… the foto album reminds me when we went on a cruise to the southern caribbean a year ago. ang mga crew ng bapor who interacts with the guests ay mostly lonely pinoys. very selected sila, ang gu-guapo, friendly and some are willing – it turned out to be a happy, unforgettable experience i will never forget. edgar was his name, a cabinmaster for italian cruise line costa.

  2. Why would those English people hate someone like Jon! Kawalan nila! And again I admire Jon because of his Flab to fab story. At parang ang bait niya! At siyempre parangg porcelain ang kutis, flawless! Pero I think he should stick to modeling… pang high fashion siya e…pero as an actor or kung ano man pinapasok niya, wala pa siyang naipapakita. At tis point he’s just a pretty face. O diba contradicting comment ko…LOL

  3. ho-hum. who cares about his sad life abroad? no amount of drama in his life can salvage his o-hum personality, and ho-hum looks as well…

  4. ay maple you admire people who make sense? e di sana gayahin mo sila, dahil ang mga post mo walang kasense sense!

  5. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION – a very hot and controversial topic. you wouldn’t know the REAL meaning and HURT it gives until you personally experience it. it happens everywhere and all the time – in north america or in old europe. WHOEVER WOULD SAY THAT DISCRIMINATION DOES NOT EXIST IS A LIAR OR MISINFORMED. i am happy for jon he got out.

  6. if you look closely at jon’s eyes, the pain he has gone through while in england is palpable. his blue eyes project pain and maybe, deprived childhood in an otherwise opulent setting. and i know where he is coming from. i once took up residence in geary street, san francisco (near market street and union square), and have experienced the feeling of being a brown-skinned creature through condescending, yet deceptively courteous looks from native americans. the discrimination may be unspoken, and yet it’s there. and that explains why, despite his good looks (by local standards) jon impresses me as reticent and lacking self confidence, and he has difficulty in expressing himself fully. that explains the “mystery” which rd rightfully observed….

  7. to maple: thanks! i appreciate your kind words and i guess our admiration is mutual. i also find your comments out-of-the-box, new, and as sharp as the leaves of the maple tree which you have so appropriately chosen as your monicker.

  8. RD, please ask Lex bonife kelan release ng dvd ng Cruise Men of Provoq fashion show sa NBC Tent and yung DVD ng Lalake sa Parola?…Thank you…

  9. past weekend a friend and i drove the x-5 to atlantic city for some r & r and joie de vivre. after staying awhile at the main playing hall at trumps (not gambling, that is a dirty word) call of nature directed me to the loo. on the way i saw a tablet on the wall and it says : KNOW YOUR LIMIT. over it someone with a china marker wrote: CRAP. he wasn’t referring to the card game. bloggers perhaps?

    (translation of above in tagalog available upon request to get the real sense. you have to excuse my rusty tagalog tho.)

  10. Galit si Maple sa mga bloggers. Bakit kaya? Iniinsulto pa. Nilalahat. Ang mga nagne-namedrop ng mga famous people na kakilala kuno, o ng mga fabled foreign places na napuntahan, pinapakita lang na insecure sila. Nouveau na nouveau yang attitude na yan.

  11. my grandmother told me once (she now rests 6-ft under us) NEVER LOWER YOURSELF WHERE YOUR TOENAILS SIT… today, i still believe in her words of wisdom…and i shall never, never do that.

    AMEN…end of my attention for you…you had your fun? ako ang nahihiya kay RD. now time for you to shed your anonymity. let’s see who you are. drop you shroud, take off your bourka.

    Ahh! 2moro is thanksgiving day. it only means one thing – CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SALE STARTS THE NEXT DAY! i’ll take an off-day from the blog and shop for my boytoy. he emailed me a list: iMAC laptop, p’sonic lumix 12pixel digital camera, latest moto celfon and for stocking stuffers: ginch gonch undies. Oh gosh, i have to rob a bank to buy all of that…

    DO I SOUND INSECURE? lonely perhaps for my boytoy, but insecure – NO.

  12. Ay, na-hurt si Maple. E siya kaya, he will shed his anonymity, drop his shroud, take off his bourka and identify himself as Mr. Calixto Pantaleon (of course another fictitious but masculine-sounding name)? Luv you, Maple.

  13. hindi…dun sa other pics niya from benchtm… grabe…malaki xa friend…malaki talaga…di gaya ng ibang mga pinoy models dyan… bakat na bakat… ung batch 2008 ata un shet!!!

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